Toilet Markings



    So I have been raising kids for the last 16 years (which unfortunately does not make me an expert despite my sometimes delusional belief that I am)… Before that, well I was Aunt Tiff, and a babysitter, and a big sister, so you could say I’ve spent the last few decades surrounding myself with little ones. I’ve been a nanny, a PreK teacher, I’ve run a daycare out of my home, and I’ve been a foster mom as well… so when I say I THOUGHT I’d seen it all, well, I thought I had…

   Truth be told, I have had my share of meltdowns over the marks I thought would never come off… and can I just say from moms all around the world- Thank You Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for all your hard work! You’ve rescued more than one surface in my home from the marker holding hands of little ones. I’ve seen kids who wrote on rugs, walls, floors, cars, and even a motorcycle. But this is a first, and hopefully a last, I just caught a certain little 3 year old writing on the toilet, inside the toilet bowl, with a marker…. a permanent marker.  And she had a glue stick.  I’m not even sure I want to know what the plan for the glue stick was…

     Don’t you just love when you have all the school supplies laid out for the big back to school extravaganza and someone finds a creative way to celebrate!

  Toilet markings… what’s that they say about Art imitating Life?


©2011 Tiffany Prestridge


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