So even though Hannah isn’t the only one in our house guilty of blonde moments, she is by far the biggest offender! She’s our teenager daughter, and she was as blonde as could be when she was little. To be honest, highlights help maintain her golden locks these days, but bleaching her hair is not an effort to be fake in any way… in fact, with Hannah, keeping it blonde is the only way to keep it real!!

     For example, she took Spanish 1 in 8th grade, and somehow skated by with an A or maybe it was a high B… I’m thinking she managed this because she was allowed to sing as her final exam, and singing is where she will win over the coldest of hearts. By the end of the second year of Spanish, one might think she could at least say hola to a few amigos, but no, not Hannah….

   Her Spanish teacher often teased her, and once, when I played the part of his substitute teacher, we even pulled a prank on her that made her think I had left her days and days of detention… There are several stories about Hannah and her Spanish class, and I’m sure we’ll get around to at least one other story (hint: it’s all about the duck-billed platypus)… but on this particular day, Mr. Garcia was having a little fun with Hannah.

   “Hannah, what’s the Spanish word for cheese?” Mr. Garcia asked her… expecting a quick reply…. For those of you who wonder if she should know this after 2 years of Spanish, let me just say that for every birthday party, family gathering or sporting event watched on TV at our home, what have we served? Queso.  When we go to Casa Ole, Julio’s, or Bandas with the family, what does our family always order? Queso. So when Mr. Garcia asked “what’s the Spanish word for cheese,” what did Hannah say????   Jorge… (Hor-hay)

   Her classmates didn’t take long to figure out that life with Blondie has its moments!


Surely, after reading all of this, you have at least one thing to say!

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