My husband traded his beloved motorcycle for a 15 passenger van to take our expanded family on a vacation this summer. It’s an ugly golden beige, but it runs good and it holds a whole lot of kids, which makes it perfect for us!

    Our maiden voyage was to take the kids to visit Aunt Heather and Uncle Roy in Oklahoma. We loaded the car at 5am, full of suitcases and pillows, carseats, and kids- yes, lots of kids! I know Texans are known for believing the Lone Star State is an independent domain, but apparently, we even still own Mexico. At least, that was the general consensus in our vehicle.

   We had just made our third stop for restroom break and were only about 2 hours into our journey when Hannah leaned forward and serious-as-could-be popped the question. “Don’t we need passports to go to Oklahoma?”

      I was laughing so hard, I thought for sure Daddy would offer up an answer before I got the giggles out, but lo and behold, he was looking at me with scrunched eyebrows and a confused expression… “Yeah, why don’t we need passports?” (Apparently blonde is a genetic disorder.)

     “Hannah,” I said trying to form a serious teacher-like expression, “Oklahoma is part of the United States, just like Texas.”  Her reply? “But so is Mexico….”

     And that is why life with Blondie is never dull…


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