The Naked Baby


It was 1999 and I was very pregnant. Nesting was my activity of choice, and Hannah was my mini-me. I cooked dinner, she squished play-doh into her plastic tea party dishes. I washed the dishes, she scraped the play-doh off of her little dishes. I polished the furniture, she windexed the table. I folded baby clothes, she folded Barbie clothes, and that’s the way our days went…

One afternoon we were folding clothes my parents had just given me for the new baby when Hannah picked up a little yellow onsie and said “I want you to put this on my baby.” Well, I laughed, and assumed she was talking about one of her dolls, and went to grab for one when she stopped me and said “no that baby,” and pointed to my protruding belly. “I will!” I told her, and folded it again. “No, now!” She was a persistent little thing. So I set off to explain to her that I couldn’t put clothes on the baby that was still in utero…

Her shocked expression is something I will never be able to erase from my memory. “YOU MEAN HE IS NEK-KED IN THERE?” She gasped with her blue eyes open as wide as they could be! “Well of course, all babies are born naked.” I tried to explain without laughing. “Not me, I had on my pink dress.” Hannah was certain as she pointed to the centerpiece of our hallway, a 10×13 newborn portrait of her, indeed wearing a pink dress.

“You had to put that on to take the picture”, I said, “No one wanted to see you naked!” And we both laughed…

Hours later, we were checking out at HEB after filling our grocery cart quite full, and as the checker loaded bags into our basket, Hannah asked her, “Did you know my mom has a baby in her belly?” “Yes, I see that”, the girl replied. “Well, did you know he’s NEK-KED?”

And that’s when I knew life with Blondie would be entertaining at the very least…


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