I don’t have a wiener….


    After a long week and an even longer weekend, I was on the phone spilling my list of complaints. (I have long believed that I somehow make the top 10 list for world’s unluckiest people.) I wasn’t even sure which of my complaints I should be whining the most about…. Should it be that all 3 of our vehicles had broken down during the week? Or maybe it was the fact that a 5-year-old snuck out of bed, ate all of the sugar cookies, and thus spent the entire Saturday vomiting on my furniture and clean beds… maybe it was the fact that my husband had been gone all weekend, which left me outnumbered by little people…. maybe it was the fact that my bank account doesn’t appear to have anything left in it… The list was sending me clear into frustration overload.
     In the middle of my ranting, I looked over to see a 3-year-old doing a very animated version of the Pee Pee Dance. “Girl you better go to the potty right now!” I rushed over to tell her. She looked up, and without missing a beat she told me “I was going to pee off the side of the porch like a boy, but I don’t have a wiener…”
      Laughter, it really is the best medicine- it stopped my whining!


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