As usual, Christmas is right around the corner, and I have not done all my shopping. I’m not even close. I am sure I will be that crazy lady making a mad dash on Christmas Eve trying to cram a $1500 list into a $150 budget desperately searching for killer deals and stocking stuffers. One day I will learn….

Every year I say the same thing: Next year, I am starting early. By July, I begin my mental lists… but here’s the problem, I can’t keep an Xbox game hidden in the closet for 6 months. Either the munchkins will find it, or I will have a moment of weakness and will break it out for no apparent reason just to see that look of instant excitement when the kids tear into something amazing. I would need a storage facility in a very inconvenient spot to pull off hiding things for more than a few weeks. And then I would probably forget to pay the storage bill and some lucky storage auction bidder would hit the jackpot…

Typically my procrastination starts to wind down around Black Friday. Every year for as long as I can remember I have hit the sales in the wee hours with my father and my husband. I used to look forward to Black Friday the way kids look forward to Christmas morning. I would comb the circulars, have a wish list for my purchases, and be up and Adam by 4am ready to beat the crowds. But this year, Black Friday lost its sparkle for me.

For some reason I was completely turned off by the retailers who decided to stay open on Thursday so people could start scoping out the Black Friday deals. I was sad for all the “low men on the totem poles” having to stock things on the store shelves, when they should have been home enjoying the turkey-induced slumber. Again, commercialism beat out family time and now Thanksgiving isn’t even a sacred day that closes everything down as it SHOULD be. I ran into Wal-Mart for a box of cereal, and saw the people already lined up for TV’s and video games, and I had absolutely no desire to join the masses.

My dissolution with the whole thing was probably a combination of thoughts running through my mind. My father wasn’t feeling well enough to do the whole up and out before the sun routine, and shopping just isn’t as fun without my dad. Of course, Dad and I did comb the circulars together after we stuffed ourselves with turkey and fixins’, and to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t even render a wish list really worth reading. There wasn’t anything that caught my eye. Seems to me that Black Friday has become the one day of the year when electronics are marked down to a fair price, and so everyone and their neighbor is out there trying to snag a new TV. And then I couldn’t help but wondering if any of these people actually needed a new flat screen TV or if they were just determined to be the one who grabbed the deal. I kept speculating what the number would be… Just how many of those electronics were going to listed on Ebay by Saturday in hopes of yeilding a few more bucks for the greedy people of the world? I miss the days when Black Friday generated some unique gift buys, some over the top deals, and the chance to have breakfast with my dad before the kids even knew we were gone! Reading all the Black Friday horror stories the next day had me thinking maybe my years of Black Friday Mad Shopping have come to end… I’m just not in the mood to be pepper sprayed or shot over a $100 laptop…

So my shopping season never got its proper opening day, and therefor, I am even more behind than usual for the week before Christmas. I have more to get done these days, and less time to do it, and yet the panic just hasn’t sunk in…

Don’t worry, it will… I will wake up Friday and know that I am down to the last minute, and I will scribble out some crazy list, cash in my jar of quarters, and rope some poor undeserving person into battling the stores with me. The tree will not remain empty… I’m just wondering, if deep inside, I don’t wait for that last minute for a reason. Maybe I love the madness of a mad dash!! Maybe I don’t need Black Friday to rescue me from my year long procrastination. Maybe I will forever be the crazy lady with a crazy list out there shopping on Christmas Eve trying my best to make the visions of sugar plums (aka Xbox Kinect) dancing in their little heads come to life! Then again, Santa did say there were a few kids around here on the naughty list…  maybe I don’t need to go shopping after all!


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  1. wow…look at the cash you’re blowing through! Love it! Hey…I missed you yes…but I’ll be coming back in a few months…maybe get you and the hubby out to eat some dinner or something…mmmmm Chuy’s creamy jalapeno dip…so tasty… I’m still soooo super sore from the riding…the bruise I have is worse…lol..

    Now get out there and burn some of the money in the spirit of giving girly! Next time I won’t leave town so quick! Having lived in Texas myself, I’ll always love that amazing state…


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