Quiet, Countdowns, and the Geographically Challenged!


After staying up until after 1am making YouTube videos with Blondie, I fully expected to hear little ones digging out cereal boxes at the crack of dawn, but it’s a rare Saturday morning in the zoo! It’s still quiet, the creatures are all still sleeping, or at least laying quietly while Scooby Doo does the entertaining. 

Too bad he doesn’t throw Scooby snacks out directly from the TV, then I could surely steal a few more minutes of peaceful slumber! Nah, I’m getting up! This is one of my favorite days of the year!

Every channel I flip to is hosting some form of a countdown. I love countdowns! The zoo crew is annoyed by this because if we’re in the car on a Sunday afternoon, I always turn on the countdown, and even listen through the commercials, which they absolutely hate. They’d rather flip around to the next station blasting the beats they love. 

Typically I’m willing to listen to whatever they want to hear– rap, Top40, Pop, Hard Rock,  you name it and I’ve got a kid who swears their choice is the best choice, but when it comes to countdowns, country music puts out the best ones!

But for all my love of country music, I just can’t believe a song about a plastic cup is worthy of countdown consideration. This isn’t the weekly Top 10, this is the best songs of the entire year, and the countdown starts off about a red solo cup! Now, if you’ve heard the song, surely you know there just wasn’t some deep spiritual moment that inspired these lyrics. It was probably more like a couple of drunk guys at a party, and all of a sudden one decided he loved his red solo cup because it was still holding some beer and there a song was somehow born, and they played it for their drunk friends, who decided that they too loved red solo cups and keg parties. It is for this reason I must continue to watch the countdown, just in case someone wrote a song about missing socks that I somehow missed this year! Nothing like a few soul-stirring lyrics to make you feel connected to the world around you!

Along with watching the countdowns, uploading YouTube videos, and enjoying the quiet morning on this last day of 2011, I am also sitting in my bed, playing around on Facebook, and I see that Blondie really is GEOGRAPHICALLY CHALLENGED! (If you missed my blog “Passports”, you’re gonna wanna read it!) Yesterday a friend of mine posted a status that was a quote from the lovely Ms. Paris Hilton… “No, no. I didn’t go to England. I went to London.”

My reply? “Well, someone had to be blonder than Hannah! (aka Blondie)”.  I had a notification that Blondie added a comment, which said “Is London and England different?” You’re kidding, right! So my friend tries to spell it out for her with a comparison: “Rockdale is to Texas as London is to England.” Simple enough, right?

Wrong, a few more comments pass by and I notice Blondie’s new comment says “but are they two different places?” I’m laughing so hard that I go in the other room to try to explain it to her in person, and still bewildered, she says “but are they really two different places?”

Now look, I could not make this stuff up if I tried! Looks like 2012 should bring Blondie a few Geography lessons. Perhaps I really should get her a passport and send her to Oklahoma….


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