Kids aren’t expensive!


We’ve finally got everything put away, ok, I’m lying! We’ve ALMOST got everything put away. It never fails, every year, about half way through February I will look up and say “oh my, how did I miss that?” There will be some forgotten decoration looming on a shelf, it just always happens that way… but so far, from what I can see, I have packed up the Christmas decorations, which gave me and the kids some time to just snuggle up and watch movies yesterday.

The holiday excitement must have finally caught up to us, because the liveliest kids in our bunch, Tucker and Trenton fell asleep, and gave into the evil concept of taking a nap! I was enjoying having little ones all around me, listening to their banter, when one of those heart wrenching UNICEF commercials took over our TV.

The images immediately captivate Jordan. He can’t stopping listening to the voice pleading with him to help one of these children. “For just fifty cents a day, you can provide life saving vaccinations, mosquito nets, food, you can save a child’s life, for just fifty cents a day!” Fifty cents! Where have I heard that before? Oh yes, that is exactly what the hungry children in my car ask for every single morning… “Can I have fifty cents, please mom!” I try my best to fill this request, but I must confess that sometimes, I have said, “I don’t have any more fifty cents… do you guys know how expensive it is to dole out fifty cents every single day?” (Keep in mind that I pass out fifty cents 6 times most mornings, so that they can have “extras” in the lunch-line… Blondie never hits me up for 50 cents, no, she wants me to deliver Chinese food instead!)

Those words, “fifty cents a day” just keep on and the sad little children parade across the screen with their beautiful, sorrowful pleading eyes and suddenly Jordan blurts out “I want one of those!”

“What do you want, a hungry child?” I asked him, thinking to myself “don’t we already have some of those?”

“Yes, I want to bring one of them home.” Just then his twin brother chimes in and says “Jordan, they’re expensive!”

“Jayden, (he chuckles as he says this, as if everyone should know) they’re not expensive, they’re just kids!”

There you have it, they’re not expensive, they are just kids! I’d say that makes them BEYOND expensive….   even at fifty cents a day!


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  1. Lmao you are hilarious Blondie!

    The reason I love your blogging style so much is that it reminds me of my style:embedded humor.

    Damn those UNICEF commercials!I thought I was the only one who hated them lol.The reason I never brought into those “feed the children BS”,is that there are thousands of children in the US whom are underfed,starving and hungry.But I don’t see any commercials for feeding the kids in NY or TX.

    Frankly,I believe those things are scams.You might feel offended by this(since you’re religious),but I believe most of those Christian organizations on TV beggng for money for the poor overseas are up to no good.

    • Actually, I agree with you! I believe most charities have grown, shall we say, too big for their britches?? Spending more money on fancy offices than feeding the children is not what I call charity… now I can’t speak for UNICEF without researching, but I know the Red Cross and Oprah’s Angel network are among some of the biggest offenders…. Yeah, my kids are pretty funny, as if bringing home another kid would just be easy as pie… no big deal! 🙂

      • Let’s not even speak about the Red Cross:they’re the worst!

        But the big question I wanna know is do ppl really donate to those charities?Ordinary ppl?

      • People must give, or these charities wouldn’t be such huge organizations! I once told my Dad that I was gonna start my own charity, “Tiff’s Kids”, I won’t lie to you about where I am spending your money, it will go to feed my kids, ok, maybe get them a swimming pool too! LOL

  2. “I want one of those!” hehehe, and you had the greatest response, Blondie. I know I shouldn’t be laughing at this, but the mind of a child is just so wonderfully surprising at times. I think it’s sweet that he wants to open your home to a needy child.

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