Rainy Pancakes


Her "burf-day pic" from Facebook!

If you know me at all then you know birthdays are my favorite! I think it’s partly because I had the unique honor of being born on my grandpa’s birthday! I love everything about celebrating the day you made your way into this world, and today, Blondie turned 17. It’s been a bittersweet birthday, for sure. This year Blondie really didn’t want a party, or all the hoopla that I am famous for creating, and even though I almost went ahead and did it anyway, in the end I agreed to let her have a simpler celebration. But without all the planning, cleaning, shopping, hosting, and more cleaning to do, I’ve been left alone with my thoughts, so I’ve spent all week wondering just where the years have gone.

I remember when she was little, and we had her first slumber party, complete with the pink cake topped by Minnie Mouse driving a convertible. My nieces, Nattalie and Cheyenne spent the night and we had popcorn and bubble bath and “paint nolish” (Hannah’s own word for nail polish). And it was baby Amissa’s very first outing….

The first slumber party!

When she was in kindergarten I drove 135 miles to be able to visit her at school on her special day, and I had planned to stop and get her cupcakes, but waited too long, there were no stores left on my route, and she ended up getting a balloon and a snow ball from the gas station!

For many years her slumber parties were something all the girls at school waited for. We painted T-shirts and had facials and sang karaoke and played games and stayed up late and danced on the living room floor until cake wore off and exhaustion set in. I loved those slumber parties so much, I didn’t even have the heart to cancel the year I was pregnant with her little brother AND had the flu! The show must go on….
My favorite part of it all was always the planning. Sometimes I had her cake picked out months before her birthday. There was the one I made that looked like a purse, the gumdrop mountain, the pink and green wedding cake, and then the topper of all was her sweet sixteen cake, 3 beautiful layers, topped with the Little Mermaid that I spent an entire year planning out. (At the last-minute, I had to call in reinforcements to help get it done!) No matter how old she gets we can still count on her to sit in her room singing “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl, the girl who has everything….” Oh, I can’t possibly forget the year Daddy smeared her cake in her face, I had to nip that tradition in the bud when it took a month to get the icing out of my living room!

Sweet 16

Blondie can tell you , no birthday is complete with out the perfect gift. I’m sure the laptop I just gave her pales in comparison to the black bullet edition Mustang Daddy managed to park in the driveway for her sweet 16 (no folks, we’re not rich, Daddy’s just a horse trader)! And I’m thinking the Barbie Karaoke machine will forever be on the top gifts list since dancing in her room singing “Lucky” by Britney Spears led her on her musical journey. So this year, without all of the cakes to bake and tortilla wraps to make, all I have been doing is wondering what will I do when Blondie grows up and moves away? Sure, there are 6 more to take her place, but the first one is always special. And besides, the next 5 are boys, so I don’t think I will be doing many all night nail painting parties in the near future….
It’s not just Blondie I’m gonna miss… I miss my nieces gathered round the living room, making promises on just how long they will not kiss boys. (I’m pretty sure at this point they would be lying just to amuse me, but hey, I’ll take it!) I miss the girls at school wondering “how many more days till Hannah’s party?”
So this morning, I was determined to hold on to the one tradition I still had standing, Birthday pancakes! Pink, blue, green, Mickey Mouse, Music Notes, pretty numbers, I always make birthday pancakes. So this morning when my husband said “do you think you could help me here?” I thought for sure I was dreaming. No, my luck does not lean that way… I stepped on the floor and found myself ankle-deep in rain water!
Now a year of drought reminds me not to dare utter the words “rain rain go away” because another day is sometimes too far away, but surely rain, you could scoot over just a tad. Maybe instead of complaining to the rain, I should complain to the gutters!
Dear Gutters, you’ve only been up there a few years! Your job isn’t really that hard and on top of that, you’ve also had an entire year of hanging around doing nothing. Not only was there no rain, but we couldn’t even run the sprinklers, so you’ve had it pretty easy my friend. Vacation is over. How dare you break on your first real day back at work and leave my master bedroom full of flood water on the very day I was supposed to be up early making pancakes! Get it together before I replace you! You’ve rained out a morning of birthday breakfast, and it better not happen again! I’m running out of years with Blondie. Sincerely, Mad Mama

Daddy's Girl


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  1. Thank you for sharing some wonderful memories. My yougest son just turned sixteen, is almost as tall as me, is getting his drivers permit, looking at girls, and talking about college. You’re post had me pulling out old pictures, and looking for tissues. You look like you’ve done a wonderful job of raising her.Thanks again, and take care.

    • Thank you so much! It amazes me how fast they grow. I remember my mother saying that, but like most things, I didn’t believe her. For me, growing up took forever, and now, in just a blink of an eye mine are all so big! My 12 year old (almost 13, as he would point out) just hit a growth spurt and is now only 1/2 and inch shorter than I am. It freaks me out every time I look at him!

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