If you don’t have something to say, Don’t Blog at all!


Watching the evolution of social networking has been fascinating to say the least. I remember my first days on MySpace, when “pimping out my profile” was the way I spent my spare time when the baby finally laid down for a nap. A few years later I migrated over to Facebook and never looked back.

At first, logging in brought with it the same mysterious magic as holding the golden ticket next to Willy Wonka at the Chocolate Factory. I never knew what old friend I would find next and what amazing things they would have to share with me.

Oh, those were the days! Now, Facebook is no longer the chocolate factory. It’s the fridge I’ve been meaning to clean out. When I’m bored, I look in there, sometimes again and again, knowing nothing inside is going to change, and  seriously I have some things in there that need to be tossed out.

When did we stop truly communicating with one another and start updating people on our every move instead? How many times a day do I see the post “just got home” or “cooking dinner” or “headed to bed”. Heck, I’ve even seen “potty break”. Great! Glad to know you’re on the toilet, I feel complete now. I hope it all comes out okay.

Now we check in at all the places with go, and we tag who we’re there with. Cheaters, beware! Don’t get so caught up in this cute new habit that you accidentally check yourself in at the Holiday Inn with your girlfriend if your wife is on your Facebook friends. Although I would find that much more entertaining than “I’m bored. Txt me.”

When I met my husband I was barely out of high school, and a few months into our relationship we moved out of Houston to a small town. Back then long distance calls were still break-the-bank expensive, especially for a family just starting out. As babies were born, my love for writing letters was put on a back burner, and keeping up with the friends I once adored became nearly impossible. Social networks are beautiful for the fact that I can look up my first crush and see that he ended up catching some good-sized fish with his son over the weekend, or I can see the girl who bullied me in school now looks like she’s been at the other end of Mike Tyson’s fist a time a two, or I can keep up with the best friend who lives 140 miles away who is about to become a first time mommy, or I can thank the friend who once said the exact right words at the exact right moment which kept my sanity in check.

Social networks have changed the game! It’s no longer devastating to move. You’re 6th grader could still talk to all her friends if you bought a house 3 towns away. We can root, cheer, and pray for one another through the trials and triumphs. But all of these status postings about nothing sent me to the bloggosphere in search of something a little deeper to read.

As a lover of words, a reader and a writer, I wanna hear someone talk about their journey or their favorite song or what inspired them to paint their house pink. I want to dig into something that will leave me saying “me too, I totally get that” or even better, prompt me to say “I beg to differ…”

Don’t tell me that you did nothing today, that you talked to no one, went no where, and couldn’t even muster an amusing thought for your blog. We all have those days, but save them for your Facebook status. Remember, curiosity kills the cat! Don’t let the cat kill the curiosity. Sure we become enthralled in the blogs we read. We make personal investments in the stories we follow. We find ourselves wondering if Twinkle Toes found her soul mate on the date she had last week, but isn’t it better to keep wondering than to log in and see “I’m bored, nothing new, not a good day.” Let us imagine that you’re off to the next adventure, and wait until you have one to update us. Or, use these boring days as a chance to reflect on some of the lessons life has thrown your way, and tell me about that! Tell me your stuck in a rut and looking to get unstuck, and throw in a few details about the dreams you use to get through the days like this or write a terrible limerick and ask me if you should start teaching poetry. Anything is better than nothing!

I’m assuming that those of us reading and writing blogs share one thing in common, a love for communication. I want to follow your journey. I want to entertain you with mine. I love to cuss, discuss, and make a fuss over pretty much any subject you can throw out there, just don’t throw me a bone with no meat, give me something to chew on. And if you do, I promise, I will never, not once write a blog that says “I’m bored, txt me!”


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    • Thanks! It was inspired this morning when I logged into Facebook and scrolled through hundreds of posts and then thought to myself “I really didn’t read anything at all this morning…” LOL

  1. I just logged out of Facebook because it was the same old stuff today. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone – it seemed to be the same as last weekend, and the weekend before, and…you get my drift. What I am trying to say is that your post is so true!

  2. I really enjoyed this. I have heard of MySpace but never done it. WordPress is my first blog ever. Enjoying it so far! 🙂 I deleted Facebook late last year though, got sick of it, so it’s wordpress for me…

  3. I honestly have become bored with Facebook, due to everything you just said AND the fact that many people are so gosh dang negative!!!! I have contemplated deleting facebook. I figure if I’m not important enough to someone to text, email or call me, then they are worth having in my life! =)


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