I’m Wishing


I couldn’t begin to tell you why I am sitting on my bed, at 1:00 in the afternoon, laptop on my lap, singing “I’m wishing (I’m wishing) For the one I love (for the one I love) To find me (to find me) Today! (today)

It’s been a long week, one of those weeks where Friday hits and you don’t even notice because you’re still dealing with Tuesday.  It started out innocently enough, a regular Monday morning filled with the appropriate amount of “urgh” built into it.  I started with my “list” of things to get done.

Top of that list was taking Blondie to renew her driver’s license. Now, in typical Blondie fashion, I had taken her last Friday, drove 23 miles to the neighboring town where the DPS resides and what do you wanna guess? She forgot her VOE form (verification of enrollment in school) so that was a wasted trip! Monday, I called another neighboring town, to save myself a few miles, and asked for the hours of their DPS office. I was told “We’re open from 8 to 12 and 3 to 5, from 1 to 3 we do driver’s tests only.” Those were her exact words. I remember they had a chunk of time where they closed for driver’s tests, which was exactly why I called ahead.

So I told Blondie we would handle her driver’s license renewal first thing Tuesday morning, and off we headed to Cameron. For 15 minutes she whined and fussed over her incoming wisdom teeth as if no one else in the world had ever gotten a set of them. The only thing that kept her from flat-out crying was the reminder that smeared mascara doesn’t look good in driver’s license photo’s!

Now if you know Blondie, then you know she doesn’t cry. In fact, she often ridicules small children who find bloodied knees a reason to cry.  Indeed, she has been reprimanded for calling little brothers “tit-sucks” when tears threatened to fill their eyes for any reason, so the fact that she was sitting next to me in the car, with an over exaggerated expression that looked strangely like she was about to wail with laughter when really it was tears about to erupt was really blowing my mind.

We pulled up to the DPS and guess what? The sign said “Closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays”. You’ve got to be kidding me right? You would think that would have been mentioned to me when I called about operating hours! This doesn’t set well with Blondie, who’s license had been expired for a whopping 10 days at this point, so on we go to the next town. Might as well hit the big city of Temple, Texas and take care of business! But not without stopping at the CVS and loading up on Ibuprofen, Orajel, Chloraseptic, and cough syrup.

We actually had a pleasant afternoon, despite the fact that Blondie was obviously getting sick.  We managed to drop a few bucks in Best Buy and fill up a basket in Target. But by the time we made it home, my 17-year-old was crying like a baby for her Mommy to fix her sore throat and soothe her aching teeth.

Wednesday brought with it another trip to Temple. I like to drag my retired father around with me when I have errands to do, because he gets my sarcastic sense of humor, he encourages me to carry on my journey, and he always buys me lunch! So we spent the day looking for ways to remodel my kitchen, and I have to say, I came home really depressed that what I have left in the bank doesn’t come anywhere close to getting the job done!

I spent Thursday taking Blondie to the doctor, and Friday Blondie and her little brother stayed home sick, and by Friday night, Blondie was all better and headed to the movies, and where was I? Crawled up in my bed, sick! So I tried to cheer myself up by blogging about life with our zoo crew, and my frustration with our lack of budget, but it left me wondering whatever happened to people who get behind each other?

There was a time when if the families you knew were down on their luck, you rolled up your sleeves and did something to help out! I can’t say we haven’t had a lot of help on our journey, but I have noticed that communities aren’t what they used to be. It’s a sad thought really.

But before I have time to bury myself in the clouds of my week, Blondie called to ask just how she would go about using the roadside assistance I maintain on our cars.  Daddy is a mechanic but you never know when Daddy won’t be close enough to fix us up, so that extra dollar-fifty has been worth its weight in gold a time or two! Especially when Blondie is at the movies, in Austin, and locks the keys in her car.

Wow, that’s twice in one week that she needed me, no wait, that’s three times! I helped her renew her driver’s license, took care of her when she was sick, and sent the magic man to unlock her car. I guess 17-year-olds still need their mommy’s after all. And I guess being needed is my silver lining for the day!

This is my not-so-little girl, so sick she cuddled up with her babies without even putting clean sheets on her bed (hers were being sanitized in the washing machine)! I just noticed as I am posting this that she still has her cell phone clutched in her hands! Now that's a teenager if I ever saw one...


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