I have never reblogged something before, but this was posted today by The Milk Tree and I would love to see Social Media finally do something other than alert us to the fact that our friends are at The Olive Garden, checking in! If it could really mobilize an effort to take down evil, imagine the possibilities!! 🙂

The Milk Tree

Kony 2012

If you haven’t watched this video in the past few days, you should.  It is pretty powerful.  What mother, what parent can’t relate to this message and be moved by it.

The past couple of years, I taught a memoir about child soldiers called A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah.  My sophomores really got into the story, but even though we talked about how current the issue is, child soldiers remained a distant crime.  A shame we could be upset about, angered about, knowledgeable about, but ultimately removed from.

So now, I think this video is shrinking that distance.  It is making more people aware, and the more aware people are and the more people who are aware, the more likely that something will happen, right?

This isn’t just about awareness, though.  Crowds can be problematic.  Crowds mean that someone else will address the issue.

This seems…

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