Blondie’s Flying the Coup!


Okay, not really. She may love to walk around the house boasting that she’s almost 18 and can’t wait til she can get out of here and be on her own, but then wisdom teeth try to grow in and she needs her mommy to bring her some ibuprofen! She’s not going far, well, not for long at least. However, she is about to embark on her first ever Spring Break Adventure!

Me and My Girl, out on a Friday Night! What's more unbelievable? The fact that she's old enough to be out on a Friday night, or the fact that she wanted to be out with me?

I’m really not sure who’s more excited about this trip, me or her? Possibly me, because I remember how much I loved my spring break adventures as a teenager, and it was the content of some of those adventures that led us to over protect her as much as we could! It’s funny that when I look back on my life, I often consider myself to have been this Ms. Goody Two Shoes- I mean here I was, straight A student, officer in the marching band, captain of the debate team, only had detention that one time I forgot to spit my gum out… yeah, I was perfection, perfected!

Or was I? I remember the first time I posted something, (this was so long ago I posted it on MySpace) talking about the joys of having a Preteen daughter in the house. My friend Samantha I.M.’ed me and said “hey, at least our kids are way better than we were!” “SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!” I protested. Better than me? No way! So, she enlightened me with a few of her spring break memories….

“Remember that time you filled your water bottle up with Jack Daniels for the trip to Six Flags, and we all brought  Cokes, so we had Jack n Coke from the bus ride to the hotel room?” Surely that wasn’t me…. I digress, OK, so maybe even Ms. Goody Two Shoes sometimes had a hole in her socks. And maybe, in many ways, Blondie has out-shined me! I’m not complaining, I’m over-joyed. Isn’t that what we all hope and pray for? That our children will do it bigger and better than we possibly dreamed of (and with half as many drunk/naked stories)?

Of course, with or without the Jack-n-Coke, I was perfectly aware of where we were going and which borders we would not be crossing. Blondie is still a bit worried that I have dropped the ball on this whole passport thing and that I’m sending her to the airport completely unprepared. I’ve explained it, time and time again, so I’m thinking after spring break we may have to hit Sylvan for some Geography tutoring. Apparently googling US Maps isn’t doing the trick, no matter how carefully I word the accompanying lecture. Maybe when the airport security does not send her back home in search of her passport she will finally believe me that California is not another country. I can’t really blame her though, she is a Texan, and everyone knows that Texas is basically another country, we’re just being nice kicking in some tax dollars for the US government and letting people from Oklahoma come over (just kidding sis)!

To be honest I can’t believe we were able to pull this trip off. It’s a school trip, for the dance team, and the price tag was a whopping $1500. Some truly awesome grandparents did kick in for spending money and a little help with the initial deposit, and clothes, Blondie couldn’t go without new clothes, but I’m extremely proud of myself that I paid for 95% of this trip on my own. I had to work 22 extra days to make it happen, but I have been known to need my parent’s help for things of this sort, and this time, I did it! Maybe that is one of the reasons I’m so happy about this trip, because it signals that I have reached a point in my life where I am taking care of business!

I also think I am so excited about this trip because I know she’s going to get a taste of the fact that there really is a big bright world out there, just waiting for her! She’s scared of the airplane, which really cracks me up considering the way her daddy drives, and we’re all still alive! I think she’s in more danger driving through the student parking lot at 3:30 on any given school day, but still, I would love to be a fly in the cockpit when that plane takes off, just to buzz over and see her face when that plane lifts into the air.

I remember the first time I ever got on an airplane. I flew from Austin to Houston, so it was probably 30, 40 minutes in the air. I was going to spend a week with my grandpa. My mom bought me a little carton of gum, that looked like orange juice. I chewed it all before the planed landed. I was 8 years old… I’ll never forget that week, as long as I live. When I arrived in Houston my grandpa was known as Grand-dad. By the end of the week, I renamed him “Softy”, and Softy he was for the rest of his days! I’ve flown to Disney World and Cancun, Mexico with all my friends, but my favorite airplane memory is still that orange gum and my Softy!

Whenever I think about my life, I realize that despite the many struggles I have overcome or endured, I have a wealth of amazing memories. I guess that’s what I hope Blondie and all of my other children leave home with- amazing memories to carry them through. Sometimes she shouts that she hates her school or she hates this town, and I have to remind myself that it’s a compliment to me, and to her dad that she can’t appreciate how good she has it. She’s never gone hungry, been abused, left to fend for herself, or had to wonder where she was going to eat, sleep, or take a bath. She’s never looked at words wishing desperately that someone would teach her to read them. I’m not saying those have been my struggles, by any means, I’m just saying that there are kids in the world that would give anything to have an education, a bubble bath, a warm bed and some french fries and my lucky little heathens have had it all, with an Xbox 360 to top it off (which I hear is much better than a cherry on top)! So I guess, as much as it drives me crazy that the biggest stress in her life is the fact that I haven’t gotten out my big suitcase so that she can get all packed up, I am going to stop letting her frustrated banter wear on my nerves. Instead, I’m going to take a second to be excited for her! I’m sending my daughter to Cali-freaking-fornia! And while the song may be playing “It’s a small world after all” she’ll be seeing for the very first time just what lies beyond this little town that never did her any favors (besides that completely spoiled childhood she managed to have)!

Blondie and her not-so-little brother! Don't these kids look like they live a pretty rough life? Well they do, sometimes they actually have to clean their rooms!


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  1. Awwww! That’s pretty touching to hear you worked 22 extra days to earn the money for this trip. I sure hope Blondie appreciates how much her mom loves her. Maybe she wanted that passport in case she planned on making a little unscheduled trip across the border while she’s in Cali? I’d make sure she understands that without a passport, they won’t let you back in the States, no matter how blonde you are.

    • She honestly thought we needed passports to go to Oklahoma last year, and to this day she can’t seem to get the difference between a state and a country! I’d bet a week’s pay that she doesn’t even know that you can get to Mexico from Cali- and just to be on the safe side, I won’t tell her til she gets back! 🙂 (It’s a pretty well chaperoned school trip.)

  2. Awww I love that feeling when our kiddlets still need us 🙂 My boy (16) was picked to join the grade 12 concert band go to California to represent Canada (and his school) I am over the moon proud, and he is strutting around like he needs his own home, lol. I’m with you, as much as I whine and whinge about my kiddlets the memories are priceless 🙂

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