My entry is Number 18. I sure hope you will take a minute and check it out…

Legendary Post

There are a Few Different Ways that We will be Determining the “Create A World Writing Contest Reader’s Choice Award“…

One of the Ways is Right Here, Right Now…

Please Let Us Know Which Stories/Or Partial Stories are Your Favorites

You May Vote Up To 3 Times, for 3 Different Pieces, but No Voting For Your Own

Also, You Will Need to Have Your Own Blog, and/or Website, in order to Vote

This Helps us to Keep The Voting a Bit More Lagit, and Accurate

Here Is The Page Link To All The Submissions TDG Create A World

Thanks for Your Votes



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About Tiffany (lifewithblondie)

This mom blogger has tackled everything from adoption, ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, conduct disorder, hives, pimples, curfew violations, and puberty to sweaty armpits, major surgeries, prom nights and letter jackets in addition to becoming a fairy godmother (aka Grandma).

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