To-Do Lists and Prom Dresses


The past few weeks have been so crazy, I sometimes wonder if I’m caught inside an elaborate dream involving many hours at the baseball field or if I really am so busy parts of my day are a blur. I resorted to the one thing my mother always did that drove me crazy, T0-Do Lists! It gets worse, I have more than one! My purse has a collection of lists. I never thought I would end up this way…

First, there was the “Prom To Do List” because, of course, Blondie had to be fantastic for her first appearance at the Prom. (We host a junior/senior prom, so she will go next year too.) Honestly, she’s been asked to the prom every year since about the 8th grade, but I never would let her go when she was younger, I just thought it would ruin it if it was a yearly ritual. So this year, I was prepared to go all out. We ordered the custom made dress of her dreams online, and found the perfect shoes via Ebay. The shoes were and EPIC success! The dress, that was an EPIC FAIL! I had been worried that my 5’4″ Blondie might not be tall enough for the dress she found, but for two years, she had been certain this was the dress, and when the price went from $300 to $125, I annied up and hit “add to cart”. Just days before Prom I received an email that it was going to ship too late, but somehow we weathered that storm only to get it here and find that it just did NOT fit right at all!

Blondie was stressing hard core, so I sent her to Austin armed with a grandmother and a budget, it had to be less than what I had spent on the other dress. They hit a JC Penny’s that only a week before had been loaded down with prom dresses, and of course, there was nothing left. They ventured to Lakeline Mall, and let me just tell you, I can barely imagine my mother in a mall, but I guess a grandkid is always worth breaking the rules for! Unbelievably they found a gorgeous red dress, (it had to be red) and the most amazing part? It was seriously marked down. It was unbelievably marked down. In fact, I didn’t even have to repay my mom as promised. Guess what the price tag was? $32. No, I’m not kidding! Not only did Grandmommy save the day, find the dress, GO SHOPPING, but also, it didn’t break the bank! Now let’s just hope the online dress can be refunded! That would be the icing on the cake for sure!

Meanwhile, as the countdown to prom ticked on, all five of the boys had baseball pictures. We spent 5 nights at the baseball field. My son played a game that after 2 extra innings the score was still tied, 10-10, and the mothers began demanding we call the game. It was nearly 11pm when I got home and I still had to feed Daddy and Dyl Pickles. (Good thing Daddy passed out the corn dogs like I told him to and sent the zoo crew to bed.) In addition to our baseball schedule, the princess is preparing for her very first dance recital. And Blondie had to get her highlights redone. Now that my sister moved several hours away, I no longer have the inside track on great highlights with little money. But I just can’t let Blondie turn brunette. She tried that around Christmas, and then nearly ruined her hair with the attempts to return to her golden locks.

With all this going on in my real life, I was shocked to find my bloggosphere full of to-do’s, but lo and behold, I even had a list for blogs to catch up on.

Living My Mommy Life nominated me for a Liebster Award.  Liebster is a German word meaning ‘dearest’, ‘beloved’ or ‘favorite’ and the award is given to deserving bloggers with less than 200 followers. The idea is to help them finds more followers by sharing our favorites. So I added “Liebster Blog” to my to-do list. I was so honored to have another blogger think of me in a list of favorite blogs, I was sure I’d get around to posting all about it!

Then I got a message from Roly over at Sarchasm2. He was the very first blogger to ever reblog me! I still remember when he shared my post, “Backwards Thinking”. I was so surprised. I typically write about the happy-go-lucky chaos of our life, but that post was about some of the not-so-sunny things I have dealt with, namely racism. I cannot believe how much racism I have encountered while adopting bi-racial children, but the support I found in that post alone was so encouraging. Like I said, Roly was the first one to reblog me, and over the past few months, I have really enjoyed his posts, so when he said he wanted to give me the Sunshine Award for bringing Sunshine to his day, I was truly flattered. He’s one of those people who doesn’t let a disability get him down, and I always take inspiration from that. Plus, I love sunshine. I used to sing “You are my sunshine” to my babies, something about bright sunny days just brings a smile to my face.  So, add “sunshine post” to the to-do list.

Meanwhile, I wrote a bit of a short story and submitted it to a contest. (We’ll see how that goes.) Then I issued a warning to Daddy that come hell or high water, he was the Man in Charge on Saturday. He would have to run the zoo on his own, as Blondie was going to be the focus of my day! Thanks to Poppa and Memaw we were rolling in style. We got manicures and pedicures while tooling around town in the ever so comfy Cadillac Escalade. Again, Blondie amazed me with her sensibility. Instead of forking out a hundred bucks to sit in a limo or a party bus, she hit up grandparents for a nice ride. They even threw in some gasoline. (After driving in style all weekend, I’m thinking I need to trade the beast for an Escalade, if only I could cash in on the Mega Millions!)

I spent two hours creating the perfect curls in her hair. But you know what happens when things are turning out too perfectly don’t you? That’s right… mother nature steps in with 50 mph winds to ensure you haven’t forgotten just how powerful she really is! Still, we managed to squeeze in a few good pictures before sending her off on a night out on the town. After snapping to our hearts content, my mother-in-law and father-in-law went with me to have dinner in this little upscale Bistro in Salado, and long story short, we red-necked the place up just a little bit. I don’t think I can even tell that story, for fear that the laughter will send some poor reader into cardiac arrest, or at the very least, cause them to pee their pants. Just take my word for it, some of us don’t belong in places like that…

So today, I saw that my friend Tony nominated me as a Versatile Blogger, and I realized, I’m never gonna get all this stuff on my list accomplished, so instead, I ‘m just gonna say that I am completely in awe anytime someone says they love my blog. For as long as I can remember, writing has been my outlet, my way of dealing with life. The more I follow other blogs, the more I see that I’m not as different as I used to think I was. I do share common threads after all. I don’t know why I always wondered if anyone could really relate to me, but I’m glad that I’m finding out that indeed, many people do. Maybe they don’t live in a zoo with 7 kids, 4 dogs, 2 cats, a few turtles, some frogs and lizards and fish, oh, and the bird, let’s not forget the bird who whistles all day because she’s sexy and she knows it! Maybe not everyone is drowning under a pile of stinky laundry that is forever in rotation but never finished in a house that is always in some state of remodeling. Maybe no one else is married to a man people call chicken who came home with a truck full of wild hogs on Saturday and bbq’d them on Sunday, but somewhere in all that chaos, it seems that everyone finds a point at which they totally get me, and hearing that makes this journey even more fulfilling.

Blondie, her date, her gorgeous cousin, and one of their awesome Grandpa's!
Not too bad for a $32 dress, is it??


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