Love Letters


I’m that hopelessly romantic girl who is going to watch The Vow even though I’ve already heard the ending is going to leave me unhappy. I love poetry and sappy songs that remind me of the ones I’ve loved. I’m all for rainy days that leave you snuggled under the covers alternating between chick flicks and a good book. Of course the reality is that if I stay in bed, when I finally emerge I will find white rice and maraschino cherries mixed together into the world’s stickiest concoction firmly sticking to my tile floor. (True story, from last Saturday!) So my fantasy life and my real life rarely cross paths.

My secret craving has always been a love letter. A truly mushy make-you-wanna-vomit with the over done ickiness of how wonderful my love is kind of letter. My husband has tried! Bless his heart, he has tried. The last one said something like “Honey I put the whites in the dryer. I LOVE YOU!” I thought it was pretty good, but I have to say, I got the sweetest letters on Sunday!

My son Dylan gave me the perfect card. It said “Moms are magic, they can makes lessons out of mistakes, smiles out of tears, and dinner out of just about anything!” I thought he summed it up pretty well. And then I read the letter…

This is actually two separate pages put together. One Tucker wrote with his class, on the pretty page that was provided by his teacher, with her prompt to start it off, but then I guess he felt as though he hadn’t said it all, and he wrote me a second part.


Dear Mom,

Today is a very special day. I want to let you know a few things that make you so important to me. I think you are a great mom because you put me to bed with a kiss. Your brownies are delicious. I think you are very funny when you laugh. You are great at chess. You make me feel very special when you tickle me. Thank you for everything you do for me. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.


Dear Mom,

Thank you for my life and for all of the little things like my room and all of my baseball stuff and my video games, and food like Mexican Chicken with the Doritos in it, Kinect (Xbox 360), water guns, Lego people, lunch money, and signing me up for baseball, clothes, and my TV, and driving me places when I want to go, and for love, and a house, and letting me play on the computer, and for Nerf guns, shoes, and Sweet Tea!


I am deeply moved by the child who would in the same sentence thank me for both a Nerf gun and the very life he lives!

 And only a boy born and bred in the Lone Star State would see the value in some good ole home made sweet tea. Now I better go bake some brownies before the Tickle Monster invades my body again!


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