Thirty-six Loads and then…


I’ve been off for the past three days. I was done working a week before the kids finished school. I had a goal, one very simple goal. I was going to get all the laundry done. Finished. Completed. Finito. Washed, folded and put away. That should be easy, but in a house with 9 people, well, it’s just not.

It never fails, I do all the laundry, someone pulls out all their clean clothes, leaves them on the floor or the bed, and viola! A lovely little dog sleeps on them and they are dirty again. Or they spill a gallon of sweet tea and use all the clean bathroom towels to clean it up. Blah!! I’ve been working so much lately, and so busy with all the boys in baseball and the girls with the girl stuff, well, I haven’t been on top of the laundry situation. I steady do 3 or 4 loads a day, but I had this stack of blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, etc that were it the “not urgent but must be washed eventually” pile and I was determined.

Monday, I managed 14 loads! From 6am until 8pm I steady washed, dried, folded. I could see the corner of the laundry room again. Tuesday, round two! I got 10 loads done while managing appointments and errands! I was feeling encouraged. Wednesday, the last regular day of school, Wednesday brought a few challenges!

First, I got up early to hand write thank you notes to all of the elementary teachers that worked with my children this year. Then, I have no idea why 4 of my 7 kids would wait until the morning of the last regular day of school to tell me they needed stuff!! Blondie needed food for a first period party. Pickles needed slacks to play percussion for the 8th grade graduation. I guess he didn’t realize growing 5 inches might mean he had outgrown his emergency funeral / wedding slacks (he doesn’t wear them often). Jayden needed food, but he couldn’t remember much about it, while Jordan knew with certainty that he needed chocolate milk.

What? Where are the notes teachers usually send home about this kind of stuff? Oh yeah, someone ate them on the bus, notes for mom = SNACK. I’m just guessing there, but it’s the only thing that makes any sense to me. So I call PreK to learn that indeed he needs a gallon of chocolate milk, for his brunch. Okay, I can handle this. I will drop off all the kids, go to the bank, go to the store, deliver to all the kids, get home and hit the house again.

At least that was my plan. I did get to the bank, get to the store, and when I went to drop off the milk, the office lady said “Leave the food with me, hurry, they haven’t started the program yet!”

PROGRAM? What program? Oh em gee! I have raised a lot of kids. How could I have forgotten that ending PreK requires a graduation. I should have been scavenging for notes. Where was my brain???? Oh yeah, at the baseball field. I left it there last Tuesday.

So I ran in just in the nick of time to see my little twins graduate from PreK. I watched them sing their little song and ate breakfast with them! Crisis averted. Could you imagine what an epic fail it would have been had they looked up and not seen someone there to smile and clap for them? Someone to over do it on the cheesy picture-taking? That would not have been a pretty sight!

Then I was blessed by a phone call from Blondie. She passed some important tests, but we’ll talk about that later. Bottom line was that she got to come home early, and yep, HELP with LAUNDRY!!

Twelve loads, I managed to do 12 loads. Before I went to bed, I circled the house. I gathered the last bits of dirty clothes for the day. I got them washed before I laid my head on my pillow.

I was proud. Despite the fact that Dyl Pickles dropped a brand new, glass bottle, of Stubbs BBQ sauce on the floor my friend so dutifully mopped for me while I folded clothes. Despite the fact that I had spent 8 hours of my day cleaning and scrubbing and washing and folding only to see a list of jobs that still need tackling. Despite one cleaning job so disgusting I cannot bring myself to blog about it,  I went to bed feeling as though I had made a dent. I accomplished something! I climbed Mt. Stinky Clothes and then chopped it to bits!!

This morning, my step was lighter. My smile was brighter. I woke them up with a cheer in my voice. And when you find a moment that refreshing, life always has a way of bringing reality back into view. “Good morning children! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, time to wake up.” Wait, what is THAT? Oh no!! Not one, but two beds were soaked. Fresh sheets, freshly peed in.

Back to the washer… Did I mention that on the very last day of school, when all the dust was settled, I picked them up with their stacks of papers, and lo and behold! THERE WERE NOTES!! Those would have been much more effective last week…. Next year, we’ll do better. Won’t we???


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  1. LAUNDRY SAVED MY SANITY! I can’t imagine 12 loads of laundry, but I have, in the past, found laundry to be very therapeutic. It was many moons ago when I was a bilingual substitute teacher for a group of kids who just DID NOT want to learn . . . so they didn’t. Much as I tried, those kids left school knowing nothing new. In contrast, I could go home and gather the dirty clothes, and after some time and work and pushing buttons, they transformed into CLEAN clothes! I couldn’t do anything to change or help the kids, but my laundry, THAT I was in control of.

    • I won’t lie, I love to sniff clean clothes. I’m supposed to be folding, and yet I am smelling! LOL I wouldn’t say laundry saved my sanity, but I do have a sister that says laundry is her happy place. If only she would come live next door!!!!

  2. Dear lord, that’s funny. How many pairs of underwear do your kids own? 12 to 14 loads of laundry in one day? Do you own a stackable? Are you pounding their jeans against rocks in a stream and then cranking them through a press?

    I thought doing 4 to 5 loads in a day was Herculean, but I bow to you, Laundry Goddess!

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