Just Add Water


Summer has officially arrived! Triple digit heat is guaranteed to hit us any day. The AC in my beast (aka Yukon) is broken, and the hubby keeps putting off fixing it. I wonder if it would work to call him up at the shop (where he gets paid to fix cars) and say “I’m going to give you until the count of three to get that compressor ordered!”  Does that work on husbands?

It’s pretty sad that the wife of a car guy would be driving around in TEXAS with NO AC! What makes it even worse is that I have seen him run up to the Wal-Mart parking lot and make some quick cash fixing AC’s for people who were trying to figure it out on their own. What’s a girl gotta do to get her man to show the beast a little TLC? And don’t say lap dance, cuz I’ve tried that!

Not only is the AC broken in the beast, but the AC in our house doesn’t work worth a darn! From the moment we bought this house we have doctored the AC. (Of course we knew that going in, we rented this house for 3 years and witnessed the constant repairs.) First we bought a new compressor outside, then a few years later the unit inside had been patched too many times so we upgraded it. It’s been a total mess because we keep fixing one side or the other, so we keep having issues with them not being a perfect match. Then the last time we let the AC guy talk us into moving it out of the attic. He was supposed to put it in the hall and leave us enough room to frame a wall or door around it. BUT it sticks out TOO FAR and we’re stuck with this ugly eye sore.

Yeah, beautiful isn’t it? The repairman came when Hubby was gone, and I forever wish I had made him come home from work and handle this monstrosity.

We had a guy over last week for an estimate to replace the whole darn thing, start from scratch. He hasn’t called me with a number, so it must be scary even to him! With the AC at home barely hanging on, having 7 kids go in and out all day is a total nightmare. There’s only one thing to do!


So that’s my plan of attack- spend every possible moment in the water! We got off to a good start over the weekend. We took my dad’s boat out to the lake, and let all the little kids go tubing. Heck, even the dog went tubing! 

Those “Remember Whens” I keep talking about were certainly running through my mind. Out on the water, I couldn’t help but remember the early years of our marriage. Once,  Hubby and I were headed to work and we passed a garage sale. We stopped, and bought a boat! Of all things to get at a garage sale, we skipped the mismatched dishes and the fake plants and went straight for the broken down water craft! We didn’t even have the money for it, I think we had to borrow it! The poor guy who sold it so cheap never did find out that all it needed was some TLC, a little carb-cleaner and it was water-ready.

That old boat brought our family several summers of fun.

Blondie and her cousins (who just graduated) on our first boat!

Then the seal around the motor cracked, and we never did get it going again. But it gave us more than the $500 we spent on it, it gave us some amazing memories, and some very valuable lessons!

First, no matter how restless or cranky the kids are, water always cures them! Second, no matter how many pictures you already took, take more, they’ll grow up faster than you can possibly imagine! And last, but never least, no matter how long you’ve been married, always be prepared for your hubby to try and sneak a peak at your boobs, even if his mother is the one holding the camera!

This picture was proof of lesson number 3, but I cropped it, because this is a family-friendly blog!

Being out there on that lake reminded me that sometimes, my life is FUN! So here we go again. We found a new boat to piddle around with. We have more little kids to throw in the water. And there’s a waterproof camera calling my name. Summer’s here, and I’m not coming back inside until my fingers wrinkle up and the ice chest runs out of Capri Suns! And if I’m lucky, Blondie will be home once or twice to join us!

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  1. I love that we had the same headline on our blogs today! Kismet!! But yours was a lot more fun to read than mine … love those photos and I agree — everything goes better w/water!!

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