Apples don’t fall far….


Blonde jokes are not stereotypical. They aren’t mean or over exaggerated or without substance. They are absolutely spot on! I know this for a fact because I have been raising Blondie for quite some time now, and the laughter just never ends. For example, last week she stayed out past curfew. (She thinks summer means do whatever you want to.) I was having a talk with her about how I have to be able to trust her to make good decisions, to which she said “I may be dumb, but I’m not STUPID!”

“Hello! Synonyms…”

“What’s a synonym?”

This is where her little brother decided to confuse her on purpose. He said, “You know, the stuff you sprinkle on toast!”

“Oh, cinnamon… why are we talking about cinnamon??”

Now sometimes she is clearly playing on her Blondie-ness but this time, she was utterly confused. But I can’t say it’s her fault really. You know what they say, “Apples don’t fall far from the tree!”  I’m sure I have mentioned that Blondie is a bit of a Daddy’s girl.

Last week we were out on the boat and I asked him “is there a place to put my phone to keep it nice and dry?” He opened a compartment, and I tucked my phone safely inside. Moments later he jumped off the boat to put KK on the tube and we spent the next few hours in and out of the water. As we docked the boat, he pulled a water logged phone out of his pocket with a petrified expression on his face! “This is really no problem,” I said.

The phone was brand new, and had already locked up several times. (Gotta love the smartphones!) I had already ordered a replacement, and it had come in, but I hadn’t taken the time to switch them over. So lucky hubby, we got home, brand new phone in the box was waiting for us, and I did the switcheroo.

The next day my son and my husband were sure the old phone was probably dried out and could be resurrected. Why? It’s beyond me. (For the record, I advised dropping it in  a bag of rice for a few days, but my suggestion was ignored.) So they opened both phones to use the battery and what did he do? He spilled a Dr. Pepper IN his brand new phone.

Now it’s Fried. Finito. Dead. Never coming back to life. And waiting for the Ebay-to-the-rescue replacement phone is driving him insane.

I am slightly amused by his predicament. But then that’s what I fell in love with him for- his ability to amuse me. If there was a masculine form of Blondie, that would be his name! He’s forever making me laugh with his goofy antics and poorly structured sentences. (Them cars! I don’t know how many times I’ve caught him saying ‘them cars’.) No matter how mad he makes me, he has this ability to pull a laugh out of the angriest moments. And he has this friendly demeanor. Everyone is his friend. If he’s met you once, you’re in like Flynn. He’ll shake your hand every time he sees you, or honk and wave every time he passes by. In fact, he’s developed such a habit of honking and waving that once on a back road, he honked and waved……… at a cow……… yeah!

He tried to play it off when I mentioned that he had just said hello to a cow, but I know, he saw eyes look his way and he was excited to say hello! I made him go back so I could snap a picture. I just couldn’t miss out on the cow who seemed to moo “what’s up dude?”

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  1. I’m utterly paranoid about liquids being near my phone or my computer. I’m always moving Hubby’s bottle o’ beer away (like outside of our condo and down the hall) from my laptop because I once spilled a cocktail onto my keyboard. Despite my fears, I knocked over a glass of wine (notice a pattern of alcohol involvement here?) on my friend’s brand new Ipod speaker. The one he’d just told me cost him over $200! Fortunately, it wasn’t damaged, but I suspect it still reeks of Moscato.

    This is such a funny post, but I can’t laugh too loud because I suspect I’m a female version of your hubby. And yes, I used to be blonde. Still, I know what a synonym is – because I have to look them up constantly while writing my feckin’ blog!

  2. My wife waves at the passengers and pilots of aircraft when the fly overhead ot 20000 feet or wherever they fly 🙂

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