Monday Got Away From Me


This weekend we went on a little road trip to Jacksboro to see one of my sisters get married. For the most part we had a lot of fun. (Note to self: Never again allow extra kids to spend the night the day before a road trip. If the spilled cereal, scattered X-box games, and 42 blankets on the floor weren’t enough, the Facebook status that said “When visiting a house where 11 kids spent the night, be prepared to sit in pickle juice. :p” should definitely be a sufficient reminder!) There’s just nothing like waking up to find 71 messes that no one seems to remember making. (Not Me did it!!) Despite the mad dash to get out the door, I have always loved the moments stuck in the car with my kids. Only problem was, there was one child missing.

Dyl Pickles has escaped the madness of the Prestridge Zoo temporarily, so this Monday Music Memory is dedicated to my first born son, because I have really been missing him, even his little brother misses him, and he’s too far away to do anything about it if I happen to add one or two embarassing photos!

And that’s as far as I got blogging yesterday before the madness of my life came in and took over.  First let me just say I have been very unlucky on the road lately. Last week I went to take the kids to vacation bible school when my transmission started acting up. The next day I drove the big ugly van instead, and it sputtered all morning long. When it acted like it was about to die, I decided to leave it at home and drive Blondie’s Mustang to Brenham to watch the last day of dance camp.  I got to Brenham, broke down, had to walk the rest of the way in 100° heat with two kids (good thing I hadn’t brought all of them), barely skid into the gym in time to see her dance, only to walk back to the car in the pouring rain to wait for roadside assistance.

I couldn’t call the hubby because he still didn’t have a phone. Thank God for USAA. They saved the day and got us back on the road again. I’ve had that same insurance policy since I was 15 years old, and I tell you, there’s not a better company out there to do your business with. They had someone to our car lickety split who got it started and when I got home guess what the hubby said? “Well, I noticed it needed new battery terminals, so I threw some pliers UNDER the seat so you could bang on them.”

Really? I am supposed to know there are pliers under the seat to bang the car back to life? This just makes me miss my Dyl Pickle even more. Had he been there, he would have had me up and running in no time! I won’t post a picture of the expression on my face, but I will say this, it had hubby at the auto parts store getting battery terminals in about 8 seconds flat. Then he even fixed the Beast, or so I thought. He changed the transmission filter and fluid and we were good to go.

Saturday came, I loaded the car up with kids and bags and pillows and snacks and backed out of the driveway, and guess what? Yep! The Beast would not go in drive to save my life. Back to the spitter-sputter of the big ugly van. At least Daddy decided to come along so I wouldn’t be alone on the road with 7 kids, unaware of any pliers hidden under the seat.

The trip went pretty well, except for the fact that Hubby is loud and obnoxious early in the mornings and that doesn’t go well in a hotel room with a bunch of sleeping children, but we made it home without any major catastrophe, which should have alerted me to the fact that one was headed my way. Monday morning came and I got the news that the daycare I love so much is closing its doors too. The economy around here just took a major nose dive a few years back when Alcoa (our major source of employment in this town) shut down. I don’t think this town is gonna recover. And I am devastated because finding a daycare like that just doesn’t happen. My older kids were never even allowed to go to a daycare. But having so many kids, and trying to finish college, and doing the forty-three chapters of paperwork I have to get done every week for CPS and this adoption, having daycare has made it possible for me to maintain a job, a decent house, and every once in a while I make it to the end of the dirty laundry. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without them.

My Monday was also filled with a few phone calls that made me wish I had hit “ignore” when I saw the phone ringing. I’m getting better at deleting the drama, but it’s hard sometimes. I’m just finally at this place in my life where I can see that the most important things are what’s right here in this house, and everything else is back seat BS. It’s hard on me, because I am one of those peace maker personalities. I try to smooth over every disagreement, keep every one happy, always seeking the middle ground but I am learning more and more that sometimes you just gotta leave people to harbor their own miserable opinions and move on.

In the middle of the madness, I got a visit from the Playdate lady. (If you missed out on her, you better click here and read all about it.) I am starting to feel a little bad that I don’t have an inclination to make new friends. She keeps trying soooooooo hard to be my friend, and she offers up so many compliments, but something in my gut is saying “don’t go down this road” and so finally, I had to be blunt, and I just told her “I am sorry, but I’m not much for making friends these days.” And the moment the words left my mouth, I felt like the biggest Queen Bee you could ever meet.

It’s not like me to hurt someone’s feelings and I could tell she was sad to hear me say that. She actually said “I really like you, and I hope we could hang out and become friends.” Why have I become so jaded? I used to be able to be friends with anyone. I can still laugh and smile, but deep inside, I just don’t want to put my heart out there anymore. This journey has really taught me who my friends were. The same people who stood in my house 2 years ago, ready to roll up their sleeves and be a part of this madness have all jumped ship, and I’m just not sure I wanna let anyone else climb aboard, but I do want to find my way back to that open heart I used to be.

But I know that is going to take a lot of work to find my way back to that place. Until then, I will focus on my silver linings… Today, my Dyl Pickle is my silver lining.

This was a few weeks ago, he’s passing daddy up!

Top 10 things I LOVE about Dylan:

10. He offered to beat up the boy who broke his big sister’s heart.

9.  He can fix almost anything, including my car.

8. He mows the lawn and takes out the trash.

7. He tries to help his little brothers be cool.

6. He loves old trucks.

5. Girls haven’t taken over his world – YET.

4. He can drive anything, even with a trailer attached. He can back up a boat like you wouldn’t believe.

3. The little boy next door has a dirt bike he can’t ride. When my son found out his dead father left it to him, he made it his goal to not only fix the kid’s bike, but teach him to ride it. That’s something special. 

2. He’s the kind of kid you can sit quietly on the porch with, just watch the sky, and chill. And at the same time, he’s the kid you can take to the dirt bike track and get all muddy with. And then sometimes he’s freaking hilarious, its like he can always sense which side of him I need!

1. He invented “Smile Hugs” when he was a toddler. He would look at me, smile, and give me the biggest hug ever. He was a snuggle bunny. He’ll hate it that I said that, because he’s all boy, but he’s my boy!!

Did I mention that with everything else going on yesterday, hubby’s truck broke down? I told ya’ll we need our Dyl Pickles to keep things running around here! Aunt Heather is gonna have to quit being so cool, I want my baby back!! LOL


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  1. I’m so pleased to be able to keep up with family this way. I still thank GOD y’all are in Rockdale, though. 🙂

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