Some Say Love


Well, it’s Monday again, and even though I’m seriously behind on paperwork, and I really need to get my pen in hand and get busy, I came across a song last week that I knew I should share as one of my Monday Music Memories.

In our house, there’s a lot of noise all the time! Most of it is karaoke. Blondie is forever learning new songs for her shows, and I’m forever suggesting old ones that any crowd will love. A lot of the time my mom-in-law comes over and we sit at the table picking songs while Blondie serenades us. One day last week she clicked on an oldie that took me back to a day long ago.

My sisters and I were decked out in matching lavender colored polka dot dresses. Five little girls with dirty blonde hair all dressed the same, watching my dad get remarried. (Now there’s a picture I need to dig up!) I’m not gonna lie, at first, I was not happy about this idea. Like any kid, I wanted my daddy back at home, with me. I didn’t wanna share him with his new wife, or these new girls.

My new sister Amy was my age. We were both used to being the oldest, and neither of us was too keen on this idea of our parents liking each other. So, we teamed up. Yep, me made a plan to split our parents up. We were sure if we carried this plan out, we’d have our families back together in no time. We got out crayons and paper and we drew up a plan. Step 1 was going to be destroying the water bed in their room, thus creating the fight of the century. We headed to their room, with butter knives in hand, aiming to poke a few holes, when we heard footsteps headed our way!

Quicky, we hit in the built in laundry hamper/cabinet in the bathroom of their room. We crouched down and squeezed into the dark little cubby hole. We could hear them talking, it seemed like we were in there forever, trying not to laugh or make a sound, hoping our breathing wasn’t too loud, and then just as it got quiet, we decided to creep out of the bathroom, and well, let’s just say what we saw next scarred us for life!



Since our plan failed, we decided instead to fill up a bucket with snails and sell them, like a lemonade stand. Strangely enough, two teenage boys came by and bought us out! At some point we made peace, and the next thing you know, we were dressed alike. I remember the matching ET T’shirts with our names in velvet letters on the back. I still have mine. Yes, I know, I’m Hector the Collector, I’m addicted to nostalgia!

Then came the purple polka dotted dresses, and the big day. I remember the girl singing “Some say love, it is a river, that drowns the tender reed…” I would have never guessed it back then, but the same reverend who joined them together would do the same for me almost 20 years later…

Poppa and Memaw

My dad and step-mom have been married for nearly 30 years. When I think of how hard I tried to keep that from happening, I can’t help but laugh. It’s a good thing my plans failed. You know my little sister once put crayons in a heater, trying to catch our house on fire. I guess she thought that would get Daddy to come home. Yep, he was The Fireman! 🙂 It’s a good thing that plan didn’t work out too well either…

Now, I can’t tell you that they have the perfect marriage, but I can tell you that all these years later, you can still catch them holding hands. My dad still knows all the appropriate days to send flowers, and his life was blessed a thousand times over when he married my step-mom.

And I was blessed too! And so were my kids. They got one heck of a Memaw out of the deal. I’d like to think our lives are better and brighter for having her in it.

There are a lot of lessons to take from all of this. First, innocent little children can and do have some crazy stuff up their sleeve! Never take your eyes of them! Second, we can make all the plans we want to in this world, but only God has the plan that will really work out. And last, but not least, Love Never Fails!

That’s not to say Love never hits a road block, but it perseveres, and presses on, and overcomes all things.  Years ago my goofy hyper-active husband was wearing me thin with his constant need to go and do and switch gears, and it was my step-mom who reminded me that I loved those very traits in our beginning, and that I had to continue to accept and love him for who he is, and give up on the efforts to change him into who I thought I would like better. It was the best advice I have ever taken.

So when I heard my Blondie singing their song, I couldn’t help but smile, and sing along…

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