So far, so good!


So we headed out at 3am Saturday morning and by lunchtime we had made our way to Little Rock, Arkansas! I was looking for somewhere good to stop and have a picnic lunch when Google suggested I check out “The Old Mill”.

The old mill wasn’t originally in that particular place, it was moved there, but it is the same mill that is spotted in the opening scenes of “Gone With the Wind.” My husband swears he’s watched the movie, but somehow I am having a hard time believing that. Especially since when I told him “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” he didn’t seem to get it…

It turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had had a picnic at! I took about 200 photos. In fact, in less than two days I have already taken over 800 pictures!

My kids get pretty annoyed with my constant need to snap away, but I know what’s gonna happen, they’re gonna all grown up and move away and I am gonna spend my days thumbing through those gash darned scrapbooks and then I’ll be able to call them up and say “Hey, remember that time we…..” So I am not apologizing for making them say cheese 964 times. I am just taking the necessary steps to ensure plenty of entertainment at the 2035 Family Reunion.

I am so shocked at just how good the kids have managed to be. No one has tried to push anyone out the window. No one has put gum in their sister’s hair. Okay, so there have been a few shootings with a rubber band gun, but that’s not too bad in the grand scheme of things! Call me crazy, but I actually think a little bonding has been going on, and that’s exactly what I was praying for!

We were driving the other night and I was cracking up at the conversation going on in the back seat. The boys were talking about what they’d do if they were the richest person in the world. Jayden, who turned 5 last week, said “I’d buy my very own McDonald’s.” His brothers chimed in a few comments about buying a GTO and a Ducati when all the sudden in the funniest little voice I have ever head, Jayden shouted out “I’d live in a HAMBURGER!”

Well, glad to know there would be something to eat at Jayden’s house! I’m gonna have to teach him how to imagine fancier though… I’d much rather a Macaroni Grill than a McDonald’s, I’m just wondering if living in a noodle is half as fun as residing in hamburger, the sliced pickles are hard to measure up to!

I have plenty of stories to share when I get back. We’ve been to Memphis, Nashville, Montgomery, and all sorts of places in between. But now we’ve landed in Destin, Florida, and there is sunshine calling my name! For the second day in a row the kids are trying to watch TV instead of getting on their swim trunks. Apparently they have no idea how fast this week is gonna fly, so its up to me to force them to soak it up! I’m loading the big ugly van and hittin’ the sand, but I will leave you with some of my Little Rock pictures. If you’re ever around that part of Arkansas, I’m telling you, grab a sandwich and go have yourself a picnic down at The Old Mill. I guarantee you’ll be in awe of the fact that the world still has a few beautiful corners, and what’s even MORE amazing, it was FREE to enjoy it!


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  1. Hey there. Glad to read that all is going good so far. The pictures of the old mill is breath taking, hope to see more from time to time. God bless and drive safe.

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