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I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled hunky dory vacation reflections I thought would occupy my blog for at least another week to throw in this little rant about the government. More specifically, I am talking about the morons in New York City who feel like their biggest challenge is to get us to step away from the Big Gulp.

What? Are you kidding me? This is what our lawmakers find worthy of their time and attention? First and foremost I’d like to know just how many tax dollars are being wasted in the debate of this so called issue? Second, I thought that was already in the Bill of Rights… I know it says something about the right to speak freely, to bare arms, to determine your own pursuit of happiness, and the restriction is suppose to lie in where you impede on someone else’s freedoms, not how full you fill your soda cup. Do people need to fill their bodies with 64 oz of ice cold Coca-Cola? No! Does the government have any right to tell them not to? NO!

What’s next, are senators gonna start dropping by on Tuesdays to make sure you’re having steamed broccoli at dinner?

I’d like to know how they plan on enforcing this ridiculous law. Are they going to write you a ticket if you drink more than one? Throw you jail if they catch you with a 2 liter? Surely they aren’t going to quit selling “family sizes” at the grocery store- so people will just quit paying the over inflated gas station prices and grab a big one at HEB. (I’ve always wondered why we’re paying $1.29 for a 20 oz when a 2 ltr is $1.19 anyway!) If they don’t do that then most of these people are just going to buy 2 or 3 of the 16 oz drinks to satisfy their thirst, which means there will be three times as many little plastic bottles or Styrofoam cups floating around. I thought we were trying to go green? That sort of defeats the goal right there. I don’t give my kids soda very often, but I know from time to time I have bought one of those big fountain drinks on a road trip and let them share it. That way, everyone got a little and we only had 1 cup to throw away, and we only spent a dollar. Try buying juice or milk at a gas station- one little container is around three bucks! In my house that would eat up $30 in a millisecond! So tell me why I can’t decide to share one fountain drink once in a while?  I cannot imagine having to come out of there with 9 little cups of soda! Heck if this is really the land of the free I should be allowed 9 Big Gulps if that is what I so choose!

On top of all that, I’m going to let you in on a little secret… if you fill a big 44 oz cup up with ice, it only holds about 16 oz of soda anyway! Seriously! Go home and try it out… Why do you think free refills are so easy for every establishment to pass out?

If the goal of this law is to encourage people to make healthier choices on their own, why don’t they just tax the heck out it like they do cigarettes? Clearly that has totally fixed our country’s problems with smoking. As soon as the price went up every one just quit smoking on their own. Oh, wait, that didn’t happen, did it? Oh well, I guess it gave the government some more money to mismanage.

I have a real problem with a government that asks me to pay into a system that is supposed to be based on freedom and equality when in reality it is just bureaucracy and bologna. How utterly stupid is it that we would ask 18 year old kids to dress up in a uniform and put a gun in their pocket and lay their life on the line to defend our freedom, and in the same breath we tell them “but you can’t have a Big Gulp, so put that Coca-Cola down!”

Supposedly this law is aimed at fighting obesity, but I don’t buy that. If that were the case, there are bigger fish to fry! Take for example the cost of healthy foods. A bag of about 12 oranges is nearly $6. A box of 12 oatmeal cream pies- $1.88. How many moms out there have found themselves having to buy filler, like Ramen noodles, just because it’s cheap and will fill them up? Especially in the summertime, when they’re home all day, we all know we stock up on Ramen and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese! I know there are a lot of moms and dads out there who would love to fill the basket with apples and carrots and all that good stuff, but are forced to choose processed fruit snacks instead just to make sure they have enough quantity. They shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity, but they do, so if the government wants to butt-in why don’t they stick their noses somewhere helpful and find a way to make fresh foods more affordable? That seems like a better solution to me.

Years and years ago my friend Angi and I had this lengthy discussion about the fact that WIC offered children only dairy products. They could get their fill of milk, cheese, and juice, but there were serious questions about just how healthy milk, cheese and juice really were. A few years ago I read that they had made some changes to the program and it now included fresh vegetables. A kid on WIC can get a whopping $6 a month in fruits and veggies. With all the money wasted on trying to write a law about soda pop, we could have upped the budget so that they could throw some lettuce in with that one bag of oranges!

I don’t live in New York City, but I’m sure there are real problems there with children facing hunger, people needing jobs, people needing homes, and streets that are over run by gangs, drugs and crime. The citizens chose elected officials that passed out promises about employment and improvements, and yet they are sitting around arguing about soda pop, wasting time and money on a law that no one will abide by, when instead they could focus on making a real difference in this world.

I’m starting to think it doesn’t matter anymore whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or a member of the Tea Party, absolutely nothing is going to change until common sense takes over. We have burried ourselves under a pile of senseless regulations that have us running around in circles like a dog chasing it’s own tail. When are the people gonna take back the monster we have created? I’m thinking the second they tell me I can’t have a Coke is the good time to start!

Now back to the regularly scheduled out pouring of vacation tales….

Breakin’ the Law, Breakin’ the Law!!

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  1. Your rants are fun!!! And this ‘debate’ causes me to wonder what bill the legistators are really trying to get through while they screech and holler and distract with this silliness.

  2. Did you see the Jon Stewart episode in which he was dissing the U.K. and saying that they didn’t have any freedoms because the Bruce Springsteen/Paul McCartney concert was shut down after violating its permit? John Oliver – in drag as Queen Elizabeth – swiftly brought up the point that Jon can’t enjoy a 64 oz soda.

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