The Goodbye Letter


I knew you were getting older.  I could see the signs that you were coming to the end of your life, but I hoped that you’d hang around just a little bit longer. So many times I thought you were giving up, but then you’d rally back, so I kind of started to have faith that you would always rally. I stopped thinking about the what-if’s and the idea that you wouldn’t make it much longer. I should have known the truth, but I ignored it and it’s my own fault that I wasn’t quite prepared to replace you. I know, I shouldn’t have gone on vacation, but it was our very first family voyage. You can’t really fault me for that. I just didn’t realize your final days were counting down so fast.

I know you came to me from another family. At first you seemed so perfect, but maybe I was blind. Maybe I ignored the signs that you were already all used up, maybe you just didn’t have much left to give. Maybe I expected too much from you. I’m sure we pushed you really hard. Seven kids, and the endless string of pets and visitors is a lot for anyone to process, but you, well, you really had to work to keep up. I guess I never showed you much appreciation. I forgot to be thankful because everything with you just felt like such a chore. It seems so cold hearted to say it that way, but I just never enjoyed our time together. I know you tried, and to be honest, you lasted a little longer that the one before you. But as they say, nothing is forever.

Maybe I blame myself a little bit. I should have let you retire, live an easier life… you were meant for a home with one old lady and her cat. That would have been perfect for you, but no, I worked you to death, and now, I have no one but myself to blame.

I know it’s wrong of me to harbor angry feelings, but I can’t help wondering why you couldn’t at least wait til payday? You just up and died in the middle of the week, leaving me with expenses I didn’t plan for. You knew I would go over budget on our trip! Would it have pained you that deeply to hang on for one more week?

I can’t believe how easy it was to replace you. I found so many ads on Craigslist, promising me all the things I dreamed of, but in the end, I chose the one who came to me, the one I didn’t have to seek out, the one I didn’t have to buy. And now that you have been replaced, I can forgive you for the five days I had to scrub the dishes by hand!

RIP you rusty old dishwasher… may you be recycled into a smart car and live your reincarnated days on the open road with iTunes at your side! I’ll still be here where you left me, but this time, I think I’m gonna teach the kids how to load the new guy!

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