Only 12 Days Left!


Holy moly, it just hit me! There are only 12 days of summer left. I must admit, when I was a young mom, I used to get really sad at the idea of my kids going back to school. I wanted to keep them home as long as I possibly could. Now, on behalf of the grocery bill, I’d like to say “The countdown has begun!”

This is gonna be a hard year. Prepare yourself now, there will be lots of sappy blogs sent into the bloggosphere! There are going to be milestones all over the place. Blondie is hitting the SENIOR YEAR! She’s got big plans for this one. Just typing that sentence has goosebumps going up and down my arm. She’s planning to move to Nashville after graduation, and the thing about that kid is that once she gets her head wrapped around an idea, she runs with it. I fully expect we will be making a big drive to Tennessee next summer.

Meanwhile, Pickles is heading into 8th grade, the last year of Junior High. I’m all psyched up for football games and the 8th Grade Prom. I can’t wait to see if he asks a girl! I’m also hoping his feet stop growing, the football cleats are breaking the budget!

According to Tucker, his plans for the fourth grade include convincing his teacher that there is nothing wrong with only reading Dr. Seuss books. Apparently he has realized they are mind boggling once you start digging for the deeper meanings. This, of course, was said as we were discussing The Lorax following last night’s family movie night, where we watched… you guessed it… The Lorax!

Trenton is praying that his 1st grade teacher will adore him like his kindergarten teacher did, and she too will resist the urge to send him to the office three times a week. I am just gonna wish her luck, and fully expect a few phone calls. The twins are hitting KINDERGARTEN! Double trouble for sure. I can’t wait to help them do their “all about me” posters! And last, but certainly not least, Princess KK is headed to PreK, which means, YES, I will have ALL SEVEN KIDS in SCHOOL!!

And that my friends is cause for ginormous celebrations! This means I will finally be able to finish up my very own last year of school. Wait, what? Did I just say that? Yes, I am going to GRADUATE college, finally! 18 years later, but what’s that they say? Better late than never, right? Of course who knows how long it will take me to get one year of school done, knowing me it’ll drag on at least 3 semesters, but hey, progress is the goal, and progress we have definitely made!

Sometimes I still can’t believe that I took in 4 kids in diapers. There were days when I wasn’t sure I could change another one. There were nights when all I wanted to do was hide in the bath tub forever and now I am sending the last of them off to school. It seems unreal that we made it this far, and it’s hard to imagine that this is going to be the last time I will take a first day of school picture that includes all seven of them. That part isn’t sinking in just yet.

You know what’s even crazier than all of this? My school supply list! It includes 10 boxes of Kleenex, 16 Boxes of Crayons, 48 glue sticks, 11 packages of pencils, 12 packages of pens, 9 notebooks, 6 binders and 5 pairs of scissors! And that’s just the beginning. Thank God my kids have the kind of grandparents who are always willing to help me out! We need 14 pairs of new shoes, plus football cleats. New outfits, water bottles, and Blondie has to get a pedicure. She can’t start her senior year with stinky feet!

As I countdown to the first day of school, I can’t help but reflect upon our summer adventures. I know one thing, I better not have a single child who writes “my summer was boring”. I better see some interesting essays about summer vacation coming home that first week of school. We survived the road-trip that included 8 kids, 7 states, 6 hotel rooms, 14 bumper stickers, 2,000 miles, 974 smiles, and only once did we almost lose a child… Now that’s some writing material right there!









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  1. Which Blondie is this post referring to:the little one op big one?BTW,don’t you lice in Texas where it’s Summer all year round?
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  2. I’m so not ready to let them go. One going to kindergarten, one going to first grade, and the baby is starting pre-school. I’m nervous about all three, more so than I was last year. I’m holding onto summer….three more weeks.

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