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From This I know

I have found my way back to the “Blog-o-sphere”, maybe as a form of cathartic healing, or perhaps just for “ventage” expression.  The one thing that is sitting on my head today is the matter of perspective.  Perspective is a lesson God taught me in Africa……and the most important lesson I have had in life. (I can’t WAIT to re-visit my experience then, but later.)  EVERY single thing in life is subject to perspective, and I desperately try to keep it in check.

The last three years or so, I have walked an unexpected road, and I have turned a corner, to find yet another bend.  I have had a range of emotions since the word came on Monday, and today, all I can do is wander around my house, searching for …… you guessed it!!  The PERFECT perspective.  In dire situations, I find myself digging for what some would…

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This mom blogger has tackled everything from adoption, ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, conduct disorder, hives, pimples, curfew violations, and puberty to sweaty armpits, major surgeries, prom nights and letter jackets in addition to becoming a fairy godmother (aka Grandma).

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