Manic Madness


The past few weeks I’ve been buried alive. Between the kids, the house, football season, going back to work and completing a few monumental tasks, I’ve barely had time to breathe, but I try to remind myself to take a few deep breaths anyway!

Take last Tuesday for instance. My younger son had a dr’s appointment in Temple (about an hour’s drive). Dropping off a shirt to my middle child sent me on a detour when I found out he had been given 2 days detention for HELPING another student! No, he wasn’t helping him fall into a toilet, he actually helped him by removing the drum stick from a tuba mouthpiece during band class. And no, he wasn’t the kid who shoved the drumstick in the mouthpiece. So I paid a little visit to the teacher and the principal. The teacher didn’t know the reason my son was out of his seat, and he didn’t apologize for his mistake either. Nor did he remove the detention. Since when do grown-ups think that they are perfect? And why does a child never deserve an apology? Hey, I’ve falsely accused a child or two in my time, but dang, I do know how to say “my bad”…

While dealing with that I got a little call from the elementary principal. Apparently one my youngest sons not only had a pocket full of cash, but he also had a pocket knife. Not exactly necessary tools for a kindergartener!

Finally got to Temple, but of course we were late and missed our appointment, but I was able to run to Hobby Lobby for the supplies I needed to make Homecoming mums, and guess what? Yep, most of what I needed was SOLD OUT.

Wednesday I had to drive another hour in a different direction to another Hobby Lobby to gather materials. I started on the mums thinking I would have them done in the nick of time. I didn’t even cook dinner Wednesday. I passed out leftovers. The kids were fine with that. And Daddy lucked out, because it was our wedding anniversary and not only did he not have to buy me flowers, take me to dinner, lavish me with gifts, but I didn’t even bother to ask for excuses as to why he forgot all the above because I was too busy with my hot glue gun to take time out and listen!

So Thursday comes, and it’s Homecoming week. I had my list of junior high kids squared away with mums and garters, and had planned to have an easy day finishing my high school list. Easy Day. That’s where I screwed up.

Thursday went like this: Woke up in pain, broke my tooth. (I’ve never had cavities or problems with my teeth. I broke that same tooth one other time, in 6th grade. I was riding my bike when a car almost ran over me, even though she lied to my mom and said she saw me just fall. Anyway, I hit my face on the pavement, broke my front tooth and refused to attend school until it was fixed. My poor mom got our dentist to see me on a Saturday. Still not sure how she paid that bill or talked him into it, but he molded something to my tooth, made it look real, and off I went. Twenty-five years later, this stuff is cracking and my nerve is dying and I’m not liking it, not one little bit.) So I ran to the dentist, they squeezed me in long enough to let me know I need $1,500 to fix it! YIKES.

So I ran back home, cleaned the house, then made a mess in the house making mums. I went to my son’s pep rally, (he was the football player doing the talking for the first time) then I went back and made more mums.

Here are a few of the master pieces! LOL

upon us, I gathered all the children, some of the grandparents, and off we went to the Milam County Courthouse, and we FINALIZED our adoption! So it’s official, we adopted four kids! (Excuse me for a moment while I stop to sing “We did it, we did it, we did it HOORAY!)

We had a little party- cake, punch, and pictures! We hurried home, where again, I made mums! Took a break to watch my son play football, made the kids eat cereal for dinner, and made more mums until 2:30 in the morning!

After all that, I had to work Friday, and go to the big game.Ā  The week was so hectic I barely knew when it ended, but I gotta say, every ounce of craziness was well worth it! We are now the proud parents of seven little people.

And even though we lost the big game, Blondie out shined the football team with the halftime entertainment, dancing with her Daddy.

Now it wasn’t a “Dancing with the Stars” showcase, but to see those dads (or brothers, cousins, whatever) get out there and be such good sports was priceless! I’d do it all again, just not this week, I’m kind of wiped out for now!

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  1. I can’t believe the pace of your life, Tiffany! Too much for me!!! I stopped at one wee cherub.

    You do great as a mum though. In fact, your family sounds solid. šŸ™‚

    • Sometimes it’s too much for me too! And I just wanna take a nap… but I wouldn’t trade it, there’s so much joy in raising every child, if you can keep enough fruit snacks in the house to keep them from over turning the place!

    • The mum itself is a flower. Years ago for the Homecoming game you pinned a flower on your date. Somewhere over the years it has grown. Now they are adorned with ribbons and garland and decorations. It’s crazy. Sometimes they go from the shoulder to the floor, usually it’s the bigger, the better! The boys wear them on their arms on a garter. The girls wear them pinned on their chest or as garters on their thighs… basically a gigantic decoration that meant to show school spirit!

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