Firemen vs Cops


My dad was right. Firemen are way better than cops. Think about it. A volunteer fireman knows he’s not getting paid, and still he will get out of bed at 2am, when he has work the next morning, and come save your house, or rescue your dog, or pull your car out of the river even though the sign clearly said “Low water crossing, turn around don’t drown” and you drove through it anyway. These guys are heroes whether or not they’re answering a call because they are always on standby, willing to do whatever needs to be done.

Now imagine a volunteer cop, pulling you over because your registration is out of date, yeah, that’s not working for me either!

Kids love to see firemen. Firemen come to school, teach them to stop, drop, and roll, remind them about family meeting places, give them cute firefighter erasers and let them see the big red trucks. The cops never bring cute erasers to school.

I’ve never met someone who’s had a string of bad luck with firemen. But I guarantee you I could tell a story or too about run-ins with the police. (Here’s the last one I wrote about the boys in blue…) Just to prove I’m not the only one having these problems, I’ll tell you a few new stories.

Last Friday my husband went to get lunch at work in his ratty old car. Now he drives some ugly old cars, and I’m sure it did look strange to have paper tags on a hoopty, but my hubby bought a car for a few hundred bucks, there’s an issue with the title, and he bought temporary tags for it until it’s straightened out. My hubby is a horse trader. He’s had hundreds of cars. He buys and sells and trades all the time, but he’s never gotten in trouble. He’s never been to jail, doesn’t have a record, and remember, we just adopted 4 kids through CPS, so our backgrounds were thoroughly dug into.

So imagine his surprise when he got pulled over for having a plate on the front and a paper tag on the back of the car. You would think clearing my husband through the database would have been sufficient, but no, he was detained, frisked, and his car was searched. He was repeatedly asked if he had drugs, or had ever been  in trouble, and then he was treated rudely when he continued to give the same answers again and again. Twenty minutes later he was told “oh well, sometimes you gotta go through the good guys to get the bad.” I guess there is some truth to that, so might as well let that one go, but even Blondie had a moment with the police that has me wound up.

Of course, it makes me nervous that she always wants to be out later and later. She has that teenage belief that she’s invincible, and I look at her and see how beautiful and naive she is, and I’m praying no one comes along and proves to her that she isn’t as tough as she thinks. My biggest fear is that one day, I’ll be right. Still, she’s gonna leave home eventually, so I can’t keep her on a string forever.

The weekend her phone was broken, she went out with her boyfriend and was driving home at 1am. This 1am was our compromise, after months of arguing over her midnight curfew. She wanted 2am, I wanted 12, we met at 1, and off she went. She was supposed to take her brother’s cell phone, but she forgot it. Things might have been quite different if she’d had her phone that night.

She made so many mistakes. First, she was out way too late for a pretty girl all alone. Second, she stopped to pee in a little town on her route, where there is no “crowd” to keep watch. I always tell her not to stop at night, to get her gas in the day, but she says she couldn’t make it the last 12 miles to home. Third, she didn’t have a phone to call 9-1-1, and I think that was the biggest mistake of all.

A man followed her into the gas station, and then he followed her out, and then she was spooked when he started driving right behind her, riding her tail, so she panicked. She said to herself “get home to Daddy”. A few minutes later she was stopped for going 80 mph in a 70. She told the officer about the man, and still her wrote her a ticket.

Now, to be fair, she was speeding. I won’t argue that. This is NOT about beating a ticket. What angers me, as a mother, is that he did nothing to check out her story. He didn’t call for another car to drive up and down the highway, he didn’t ask her for a description of the other vehicle, he just wrote her a ticket and sent her home. The world is full of stories about beautiful young girls who disappear into the night, and he didn’t even take a minute to make sure she wasn’t gonna be the next one. He could have at least followed her to town and made sure she was safe. A fireman would have followed her home, I’m sure of it!

You know there is one other reason firemen are so much better. When  you think of cops, what do you see??

But all the girls know where to find the hot ones!!

Now these men know how to handle a hose!I borrowed this steamy scene from

I think I need to visit the fire-station and pet a dalmatian! That would certainly brighten my day after mailing off the money to pay for Blondie’s night out.  On the bright side, you can get a lot of housework out of a kid that owes you a hundred dollars!

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  1. Finally an article which wasn’t about your husband.

    I like fireman. Not because of what they do, but they are cool individuals. I’ve yet to hear an incident of a fireman beating the shit out of some poor inner-city kid. They’re pretty cool and sexy (according to women). How ironic that I sort of blogged about then the other day.

    Police on the other hand, I find 90% of them to be coward pricks who push their weight around because of a gun and badge. I don’t respect cops at all 1 bit. The fact that they put their life on the line every day for us, I don’t consider that as bravery. I call it stupidity.

    • I missed your post about firemen… my dad was one for almost 30 years! I gotta say for the most part I appreciate cops, but sometimes, especially around here, I think they’re just writing tickets to pay the bills.

      • So you don’t think that most cops or a lot of them are on a power trip?

        This’ why I hate cops. Most of them were bullied back in school. They were those guys back in high school who were bullied picked on and chodes. They enter the force (same as the military) to create this facade of bravado and walk around like tough guys. They’re on a power trip. Most cops are drunk with power in the sense that they can boss ppl around who used to beat them up back in grade school.
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      • I think there are definitely some like that, but there are a lot who really wanted to do some good, I just think it doesn’t always end the way it started. When they have things like “ticket quotas” they get caught up catching traffic violations and forget what they wanted to do in the first place. But yeah, there is definitely a group of them on a power trip. It really ticks me off that they didn’t even try to see who was following my daughter…

  2. First off, that sucks that happened to your girl. BOOOOOOOO on that cop! BOOOOOO!

    Second, not to play devils advocate, but I’m gonna play devils advocate. (Despite the fact of several negative cop run-ins myself.)
    Firemen are AWESOME. Especially after seeing that wonderful, gratuitious, smexy, hawt, hipbone/abbs, drool inducing pic. Yeah, thanks for that. What was I doing? Oh, right.

    So while Firemen are rockin’ awesome, it is their job, bless ’em, to show up when we want them the most. It is a cops job to show up often when we want to see them the least. They are exposed daily to the worst side of people on their worst days. I don’t know what kind of person it takes to take that job, but I know I wouldn’t want it.
    In no way does it excuse the bad/crooked/rude/unexceptable behavior they can be known for. But I try to think of how bad my day could get if cops decided to stop showing up.

    So that’s my 2 unwanted cents. 🙂

    • I know you’re right, and they’re not all bad, I just am frustrated to live in a town where I don’t see them trying to clean up the bad side of town, in fact they won’t go over there either, but they are constantly writing traffic citations. Our town makes a fortune off of them. Which is fine, if they’d just use to revenue to clean up the city!

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