Forever Young


Sometimes I think the reason I get so hung up on the fact that my Blondie is a senior in high school is that I can’t believe I’m not a senior in high school. It doesn’t seem like nearly 20 years have passed since I was sitting on that side of the desk, picking out exactly who I thought was “Most Likely to Succeed” and voting our class song.

Forever Young, that’s the choice I picked. Now to be fair, I wasn’t sure if we were voting for the Alphaville or Rod Stewart, but I figured what the heck, either way I was hoping to spend eternity wrinkle free, so Forever Young sounded good to me. Back then I never pictured myself as the mother of seven children teetering on the verge of gray hair! It was so long ago, and yet, it was yesterday, and now today, I’m watching my babies in that same place! It’s surreal to say the least. The craziest part is their generation stole all of our songs, so no wonder I feel stuck on replay.

Daddy was bidding on the autographed Golden Girl boot, until it hit $150… Sorry, can’t pay that for a used shoe somebody wrote all over! LOL

I boo-hoo’d at “Meet the Tigers” because it was the last one for Blondie. “Meet the Tigers” is our back to school pep rally where the football players, cheerleaders, Golden Girls, and other athletes get together and auction off cakes as a fundraiser to start the season off. It takes too long, the cakes go for way to0 much money (I’m talking 3 and 4 HUNDRED dollars for a cake people), and it’s a tradition, so we look forward to it every year.

I couldn’t believe the same girl who stood there as a freshman, knees shaking, forgetting to smile, has turned into this graceful young woman. And I couldn’t believe the same kid who barely made the dance team is now the leader of the pack. It’s amazing how much they change right before our eyes!

But before I could ruin my mascara I reminded myself, next year my son will be a Freshman on the football team. I will have  a brand new excuse to bake a cake for Meet the Tigers. No time for tears!

I even made it through the Senior football game! We got to walk Blondie out on the field and I’ll admit, there was a lump in my throat. But I kept it together nicely, until Blondie and her friends got teary-eyed. That’s when I had to look away!!

There are only 30 weeks left until graduation! The milestones are coming along fast and furious, but I gotta say, I am more and more proud of my girl every day. I told her she didn’t have to work her senior year. I told her she could do drill team, and singing gigs, work on her grades, and enjoy her last year of school. I told her she could clean house for extra money when she needed it. I figure she has her whole life to work, why rush it? I basically offered to let her be Princess Spoiled Rotten for a year…

But, count my lucky stars, I have a teenager who HATES to spend my money! Yep, I said it, she doesn’t wanna sit around asking mom and dad to pay her way. I know the disbelief is huge on this one, but she wants to earn her own gas money, and washing dogs for her grandparents just isn’t enough responsibility for her.  At sweet as she is, I hate it that she worries about our finances. Especially since we adopted the kids, she feels like she needs to pay her own way to free up more money for the rest of them, now does that sound like a typical teenager?

So, in true milestone fashion, Blondie got her first job this week! Yep, she’s the newest waitress down at Pizza Hut. I’m sure it won’t pay as well as the nights she stands with her guitar and a tip jar, but I admire the kid who isn’t too good to earn $4 an hour serving slices of pepperoni.

I’m so torn between being mad that she wouldn’t let us spoil her for a few more months and being proud that she is so determined to make her own way in this world. Maybe she’s the next Carrie Underwood, maybe she’s not, but I know this, if drive and determination are the deciding factors, she’s gonna be all we dreamed of, and then some! So watch out Nashville, here she comes!


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