Beer Drinking Buddies!


Since Toby Keith has declared that he likes girls who drink beer, I guess it’s ok to come out of the closet and admit it. I like beer. There, I said it. If  you take me to the bar, don’t worry that I’m gonna order a twelve dollar fruit concoction. Bud Lite is just fine by me. Unless of course there’s an option for Long Island Iced Tea…

Really and truly, I hardly ever drink beer, because I live in a house with seven kids, so it’s all Capri Suns and chocolate milk around here, but this weekend was the Rockdale Fair, and this mama decided to have a little fun.

It started on Thursday, when Blondie was the Karaoke Queen. She won herself enough money to fill her car up twice! Then Friday the kids had a holiday from school (in small towns the fair closes things down) so we went out to the fair grounds and I let them look at all the animals. In fact, we had a lot of fun deciding who’s cousin this is:

We never did decide who he looked most like, but we agreed, he was quite cute napping like a baby. I’m not sure how he could sleep through all those flies buzzing around. The smell alone is still keeping me up at night, and it’s been 3 days!

The funniest part had to be when we set the kids loose in a hall of windows. It was like a maze, and we stood on the outside cracking up as kid after kid bumped their faces on the glass! I know, we’re kind of evil in the parenting department sometimes.

The fun ended pretty early though. Between one of the boys almost getting lost, and little Miss Princess getting all tired and cranky, we were home by 10! Not exactly the up-all-night, sleep-all-day party of my youth! But Saturday brought the promise of a rare treat… the kids spent the night with my mom so I went back out to the Fair, and I got to hang out with my very first beer drinking buddy.

Now, the only reason I can tell you this story is because the statute of limitations has passed, and I’m too old for CPS to take me away from my parents, but keep in mind, this happened in the seventies, and it happened in Texas, it’s important to remember that as you read on…

When I was 3 years old, there was a BBQ at my uncle and aunts house. There were several coolers of beer scattered around the house. My favorite cousin was my cousin John, who was just a tiny bit younger than I was.

Here’s what I remember about being at my cousin’s house. People were always laughing. Kids were always running all over the back yard where there was a big wooden picnic table. There was always Easy Cheese and Ritz Crackers on that table. I always tried to steal sips of beer. I liked sitting in John’s toy box, we were always crawling in there to hide, or playing in the closet together!

My mother says on this one particular day, she kept seeing us run to the kitchen, but she never saw us run back to the bedroom. Finally, some time passed when she didn’t see us at all, so she went searching for us. She found us in the closet with some empty beer cans! We were blue in the face and sick for days, but we had managed to get drunk together, for the first time! Three years old and hungover, now that’s a story!

Of course, like I said, this was back in the days when kids still drank out of water hoses and smeared lightening bugs on their shirts to illuminate hide and go seek, so things were very different back then. But when I saw him at the cook-off Saturday night, the urge to drink a few beers took over.

I got to sit and visit with my cousins, instead of chase 10 kids around. I can’t tell you how much I needed that, just a break from being Super Mom and visiting with some people I love to death, and don’t see nearly enough! Of course Blondie came over to say hello with her posse of teenagers in tow, and she said “I heard what you and my mom did, drinking all that beer”, and like any good cousin would do, he said “Your mom made me!”

Oh well, my secret is out, sometimes I like to drink beer….



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