A Day in the Life


It’s time again to entertain you with a day in the life of the craziest mom in town, that would be me! So I tried last week to work lots of days, thinking I better start getting ready for St. Nick to make an appearance around here. Only, me working every day doesn’t quite work. There’s too much work to do in this house to be going to work for days at a time.

Add the fact that last week we had 2 football games, a singing contest, our town’s fair, and it’s no wonder that I had 37 loads of laundry piled up by Monday morning. Yes folks, that’s just clothes I’m talking about. This zoo requires constant maintenance! So this week I spent 3 days washing non-stop, and I just now got to end of the pile. And guess what? Tomorrow’s Friday, which means I will have another weekend pile-up crash down upon me. I’m getting pretty used to the chaotic norm that seems to be my life.

This is actually the clothes I folded yesterday afternoon, the third round of laundry day! And for some reason, the picture is far less overwhelming!

But every now and then, even I am baffled by the craziness of it all. This morning I had to chase Trenton for nearly 30 minutes to get his shirt on him. I’m thinking it’s time for a medication adjustment, but we can’t get in to see the doctor until next week. He’s brought hyper to a whole new level the past few weeks. He’s a bundle of nervous energy and he just runs in crazy circles 24-7; he never slows down, and I just can’t keep up because once he’s on full blast, every smaller child just follows suit. I finally found all the missing shoes and got all the kids to school when the phone rang.

Thank goodness it was one of my best friends in the world inviting me to breakfast. That was such a treat, especially since it’s been a tough week. Blondie got the news that someone near and dear to her has terminal cancer. She’s been devastated to say the least. I found myself thinking I wish she were just little again. Skinned knees are so much easier to mend. Broken hearts, well, there’s no cure for that. One morning we actually woke up to the sound of her sobbing in her pillow. I thought it was a dog howling to get out… it broke my heart to see her crying that way, all red in the face and nose running like a broken faucet. Her daddy hugged her; I crawled in bed with her, but there were just no words that brought her comfort.

Today, I think I failed epically in that department, you know, the one where I try to draw the silver linings around all the clouds. One of my favorite people is going through a marital crisis, and I had no words to help her. Blondie is facing a big loss, and dealing with other teenage dramas for which I had no magic words to help her. So I spent my morning on the phone with them both, feeling like such a failure because I had no idea how to help either one of them; my heart breaks for them both, and I couldn’t even fake some kind of optimism. I hate it when the silver linings run thin!

Just when I tried to get the floor mopped, I got a call from the principal. Turns out my little princess cut her hair in PreK today. Just last week I caught her under the table giving Trixie a hair cut and I warned her very sternly that she better not cut her hair! Oopsie, guess she forgot! At least the bald spot is hard to see in her mass of curls.

So school lets out, and I think I to myself, I better get it in gear. I headed out to meet the bus to scoop up my little one’s and Blondie’s little dog decided she needed to ride along, which is pretty much routine for us. She loaded up, we headed out, and I pulled up to pick up the kids. I stepped out of the car (with it running of course) and almost immediately I heard the fateful sound.

What did I do Mommy??

Yep! Trixie stepped on the door handle just hard enough to lock me out. The car was running, my purse with the extra key was on the seat, and my cell phone was plugged into the charger! Wow! Could it get any better?

Just Sunday I had a flat tire on the way to Austin, and then broke down 4 times on the way back home, I thought I had done my week’s worth of bad luck. Guess I forgot about the whole “bad things come in threes” idea. I did my best to coerce the dog into stepping on the door handle again, but she wouldn’t budge. She just laid in my seat staring at me through the window while various children tried their hands at breaking in the car. So I finally got a hold of Blondie, who in true teenager fashion didn’t wanna run to the house and look for Daddy’s car-opening tools.

Let me just tell you, keeping four little people full of jitterbugs calm and quiet while awaiting the roadside assistance man is no small feat! For that I think I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, I heard there was a nomination in my future, until the committee learned that after the day I had, I resorted to chicken nuggets and Doritos for dinner. Apparently, that’s just not Nobel Prize Winner worthy! Oh well, maybe next year…


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    • USAA! I have had my insurance with USAA since I was 15 years old. In fact, I feel old when I call and they say “thank you for your 22 years of business…” but I can’t say enough how member oriented they are. They had someone to the car in 20 minutes!

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