No Exaggeration!


Maybe you thought I was exaggerating when I predicted I would spend my weekend chasing messy little boys while my husband would manage to have a jolly good time with the rich and famous, but I was right. I knew he’d be spending his weekend with ZZ Top, but I didn’t have a babysitter, so I stayed home with the kids. I’m afraid if I had known he would end up with Mathew McConaughey, I might’ve left the kids to fend for themselves!

“Here’s a box of cereal, nobody break a bone while I’m gone…”

This skinny version of MM does nothing for me, I hear its his new movie role look, but even in the awkward booty shorts, his Magic Mike body is much better!

Oh well, I can get over missing out on sitting with Mathew McConaughey, as long as Channing Tatum wasn’t there, I’ll let it go. I made a deal with my mother-in-law, I will let her have Mathew, as long as she saves Channing just for me. Nothing wrong with being prepared, just in case the opportunity presents itself, right?

I’m not really sure where my husband gets his crazy luck, but he always manages to end up with an amazing tale to tell. He has that gift of gab, or that charisma that just draws people in. Maybe he should run for President. His slogan could be “it doesn’t take a college degree to see this world’s gone stupid.”

I’m ready for this dang election to be over with. I’m so sick of looking at these highly educated men stand there and tell us bold faced lies. It doesn’t matter which party you’re rooting for, it’s lie after lie after lie after empty promise, and then, another lie! Last night this was my Facebook status:  “I’m going to vote for the candidate who is gonna work hard to see to it that Gas prices are brought down, so that the middle class can get on the go again. I’m going to vote for the one who wants the people with the most to be responsible in their tax payments. I’m going to support the one who helps people move from government assistance to independence. I pick the candidate who is brutally honest with the American people. Oh wait, what’s that you say? He’s not running for President, that figures! Someone put a mama in the White House and we’ll get this running right again!!”

This morning it already had 23 likes! I guess I’m not the only one who isn’t happy with the way things are steadily rolling downhill. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that what these people are feeding us just doesn’t add up. I really thought gas prices would be a bigger part of this campaign. Think about it. If the average income in the US is $44,000 a year, then high gas prices are definitely crippling the middle class. Between Medicare, Social Security and Income Tax, the average family loses 20% of that right up front. So that leaves the average family with 35,200 a year, which is roughly $677 a week.

The average commute to work is 16 miles each way, which is 32 miles a day. The average car gets 25 mpg and at today’s average cost of gasoline, which is $3.53 a gallon, the average family spends $368 a month on gasoline, which is $85 a week. Those higher fuel costs have inflated the costs of groceries so high the average family with 2.3 children is spending $250 a week on groceries.  Lending Tree says the average mortgage payment in America is $1,061 a month, which is roughly $245 a week!

Now lets add this all up… 677 – 245 for a house leaves us with $432. Now buy the kids some food with $250 and hope nobody needs a birthday cake or anything extra, and we’re down to $182. Spend $85 of that on gasoline, and we’re left with a whopping $97 a week. Now, with that $97 a week, a family still needs health insurance, electricity, water, a retirement fund, homeowner’s and auto insurance, home and car repairs, cell phones, braces, and Nike’s for the 2.3 kids to wear to football practice.

Where does it come from? It’s no wonder people are taking on credit cards and loans they can’t afford, they’re hungry and they have to pick, lights or noodles? Now it’s true, I just googled all these averages, but what shocked me is that my income is below average and my car barely gets 20mpg, while with everything else I mentioned I am far above average. I mean I have 3 times the average number of children! We spend over $300 a week on groceries and almost $200 a week on gas, and it makes me wonder, how in the world do we still have our lights on?

Now show me the politician who really has a plan geared for the middle class, you know, the people who get up every morning and go to work? The ones who fix the cars and paint houses- the men and women who get their hands dirty to put shoes on feet, and food in mouths? The ones who can’t go to the Food Bank line because they’re clocked in on a job, those are the people who run this country, and they are the people being run into the ground!

I’m so sick of all the other bologna floating out there. Let’s just get this over with, tell me which Liar do we pick for the next four years? Meanwhile, I’d like to see some average Americans put in charge. Apparently those high dollar Ivy League educations teach one thing: Magic Math. Somehow they are able to put these numbers that don’t add up into an equation people believe in. I’m sick of the Magic Math. It’s giving me a stomach ache. At least with Magic Mike, he’s fun to look at.

All I can say is Tiff for President….


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  1. You are so funny – you make your life, crazy as it is, sound SO WONDERFUL in its mayhem 🙂 I LOVE that photo 🙂

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