Somebody send a snow plow…


To say this week has been chaotic would not even do it justice. In fact, I wrote one post about my week and it was so long, I just cut half on it out for a whole other post, so this is chaos of the week part one!  I just cracked open my computer for the first time in a few days and a blogger friend had written a comment to me that said “You know that old saying, cleaning the house when your kids are small is like shoveling the sidewalk while it’s still snowing.” Finally, a saying that actually sums it up!  That’s exactly what it feels like I am constantly doing, shoveling the sidewalk while the snow is pouring down. I washed all the clothes, 17 loads, took a pic of the empty laundry room as proof for the hubby and 20 minutes later 4 loads were on the floor in there. Could this snow storm please slow down before I declare this a blizzard?

Of course Hubby doesn’t see just how much I get snowed on, but maybe because he’s in the woods somewhere. Last weekend hunting season got its official start for the year, so of course he went off on his big trip, and he took our oldest son. My son was thrilled, and I am thankful his dad does that kind of stuff with him. In fact, at one point I got a call from the woods. It was all whispers. “Mom, I shot a deer, right between the eyes.” His first solo expedition, with the gun his grandpa gave him, his first shot, and he was dead on. I was torn between proud of him and grossed out, but grossed out won when he brought home the head to show me. I’m thinking eventually, this could work for me. Since we have 5 boys, I’m thinking as they get older more and more of them will head off on the annual hunting trip and someday, even though its very far away, someday I will have weekends of calm when hunting season comes.

Not yet though, no this past weekend I was the only grown-up here, and even the teenagers who think they’re grown-ups were gone, so it was just me and the 5 youngest kids. And the budget didn’t allow for any escapes from this crazy chaotic house, so we stayed home. It wasn’t too bad. We played hide-and-go-seek in the dark until two of the boys got into a fist fight. We played “Go Fish” in the living room until somebody snuck off and poured strawberry syrup in her cup of water and in doing so got it all over the kitchen chairs and freshly mopped floor. I think you can see where I am headed with this, so fast forward to Sunday when the time changed!

Since no one with a cell phone was home to correct me, and I hadn’t gone around the house and changed all the clocks, I sent them to bed at 7pm on Sunday. I was kind of thinking maybe I should leave all our clocks wrong, and send them to bed early all winter, but I know the nine year old would eventually catch on to my evil plot. But it was nice for the one night I pulled it off. Well, it was almost nice. I headed to the living room for some much needed relaxation, only I couldn’t relax. I looked around the house and thought OMG! How are we living in this mess?

Well, that long quiet look around made me think of an episode of Hoarders so with some caffeinated assistance I decided to stay up all night cleaning. Then I cleaned all day Monday, too. Like mad crazy woman scrubbing baseboards kind of cleaning. I finally had the laundry whipped (until the kids got home that night) and the floors shining and the beds all made, for a second it was spectacular!

Of course by Tuesday it was snowing dirty socks again, could somebody please send a snow plow, the shovel’s just not getting it done!



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