Winding down…


Tuesday I voted, grocery shopped, and tried my best to get things in order for me to make an quick road trip and Wednesday I drove the seven hours from here to Oklahoma to sit with my sister after her most awful surgery yet. I don’t know why it had been so heavy on my heart that I needed to be there, but it had weighed on me for a few weeks and finally, I just had to get in the car and go. Now honestly, it takes an act of Congress for me to travel without the kids. That’s even harder than taking them along. I have to get everything laid out and ready and planned so carefully that anyone could step in and get things done. And still, only 10% of it gets done. But sometimes you just have to take time out and be there for someone else, and that’s exactly what I did. When I got there, I was so glad I made that choice, because I think she needed to know just how much love and support she does have, even though she sure could use a whole lot more. It made me wish I could grab I-35 like a rug and fold it in half, and just shrink the distance between us!

It was a fast and furious drive up. I stayed with her most of the night. Nothing is harder that watching someone you love be in sheer pain. And when a mom is out of commission, it takes an emotional toll on the entire family. I couldn’t be more proud of my nephews for how hard they were working to hold it together, and to help take care of their mom. It made me wish I could stay a week just to cook them spaghetti and let them vent their frustrations. Time can be so cruel in the way it just doesn’t give us enough moments together. I only had that night and then a few hours the next morning before the speed demon inside me tore down the highways back to Texas just in time for my son’s last football game. I can’t believe I did all that for the coach to leave him on the bench most of the night. Since he is forever racking up the tackles, I can’t for the life of me imagine why he was on the sidelines, at the last game, but in the name of small town politics I will bite my tongue.

(Excuse me, I think my tongue is bleeding….)

So now football season is winding down and today was Blondie’s very last Pep Rally in all her high school days. Tonight will be Blondie’s last football game, unless we have the unlikely fortune of making the play-offs after a season riddled with injuries. Although it’s gonna be hard to pull off, I wouldn’t count the Tigers out just yet. There was some pride brewing in that pep rally.

The elementary kids were at the Pep Rally, and my little Golden Girl in training even got to do a dance. “Tootie Tah” is a funny little song all the elementary kids learn and it was so cute to see them out on the gym floor strutting their stuff, but it was even cuter when those big tough football players joined in! And this Super Mom managed to get some videos to hold me over for the next 50 years. Whenever I feel the need to yell “Go Tigers,” I will always have these! The year is flying by. Wait, make that years. The years are flying by. Yesterday Blondie was in kindergarten and Dyl Pickles was sitting on my knee. Today I ordered a cap and gown, and washed a pair of size 12 cleats.

But, as Robert Frost would say, there are still miles to go before I sleep, miles to go!


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