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Holy moly the Tigers managed to make it to the playoffs! Looks like we can hold back the “it’s her last football game” tears for a few more days! Which is a good thing, because there is no time for crying around here.

This week we had a Veteran’s Day program to get through. It was beautifully done. They combined all the schools together in Tiger Stadium this year and all the kids took part. It was awesome to see every kid in our school district take part in celebrating our veteran’s and it was even nicer for me because for years I’ve tried to bounce from campus to campus to catch all the programs. Sometimes I didn’t get to make all of them. But this way I got to see all the kids in one place, and Blondie sang a beautiful song she wrote. I would post a video, but my hands were shaking terribly and it would make you sea-sick to watch it, so just take my word for it, she made grown men cry! Which is a good thing, because I’ve shed too many tears on my own this year.

Then last night we had the excitement of a city-wide pep rally! The Tigers usually turn out a pretty good season, in fact, my son’s team (8th grade) won district. But this year, we had a string of injuries. In one game we had 8 starters injured on the sidelines, so it’s been an up and down season to say the least, but last week we stomped out the Hornets to earn a spot in the first play-off game and last night they gathered ’round a bonfire to get the excitement brewing.

Maybe I’m a “Remember the Titans / Friday Night Lights” kind of junkie. I’m a sucker for the underdog who pulls it out in the final quarter. I love working with teenagers, when they still have the world at their fingertips. They’re too old to listen to anyone because they already know everything and yet they’re too young to realize how special these days will always remain in their hearts.

I guess that’s where the saying was coined: “youth is wasted on the young”. It’ll be a good ten years before she realizes how much fun this night really was.

As for me, I’m well aware that these are the days of glory! The same kids I coached in soccer when they were in the second grade, the ones I took cupcakes to in elementary school, the ones I watched grow up in the blink of an eye lined up for a senior snap-shot in front of that fire, so I’m trying to capture every moment I can! No matter how cold those bleachers get,  I’ll be in that stadium tonight, snapping a thousand pictures and yelling Fight, Tigers, Fight!


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