Bill Clinton is OLD!


As usual life in the zoo keeps on moving at chaotic speeds. So many times something funny happens and I say “I should write a whole blog about that,” but before I can even log in I’m up and patching skinned knees again.

For example, last night in the kitchen I said something to my daughter and she said “You sounded very Marilyn Monroe-ish” so I broke into my imitation of Marilyn singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” with all the appropriate breathy phrasing and my daughter looked at me and said; “that was a long time ago, wasn’t it? Who’d she sing that for? Bill Clinton??” Yes, Blondie, Bill Clinton is old, but he’s not THAT old (smh)!

She missed out on the history lecture I was about to break into when Trenton jumped out of the tree and landed not-so-softly on his booty!

While the boys were busy jumping out of trees, Miss Princess took it upon herself to color Blondie’s dog pink with a sharpie. Good thing Sharpie isn’t too terribly damaging to a doggie. But that’s not the only laugh she gave me this week. Last Tuesday I cooked this big Mexican casserole. I don’t know what to call it really, I just call it Mexican Lasagne. It’s just something I made up once when we were low on groceries and it was such a big hit it has become a staple.

Anyway, I cooked an extra big pan of it thinking the kids could eat it while they were out of school on Wednesday. I figured ready leftovers would keep me from being sidetracked while preparing for Thanksgiving. Of course things don’t always work out as planned. After dinner I was in my room putting new sheets on the bed when the princess came running in so proud of her little self, “Mommy, I cleaned the kitchen all by myself!”

I knew coming from a 4-year-old  something wouldn’t be quite right, but I was so tickled that she tried- I ran in to see what she did. She was right, she cleaned the table, put the plates in the dishwasher, and even took care of the leftovers.

Of course, I wasn’t really planning to feed them to the doggies, but you can’t be mad when a child cleans something, ANY THING! So I said in my sweetest quizzical mommy-voice: “you gave the doggies all the leftovers?”

“Yep, they needed a treat. Mexican Lasagne is yummy so I let Trixie have some.” She went on to tell me that when Blondie isn’t home, we need to give Trixie extra treats. I’m surprised I didn’t come in to find her sitting at the table with a golden bib around her neck.

So much for my plan of making two meals in one! Of course the funnier part is that I tried to tell this story to my mother, but all she could take from it is that the kids fed my cooking to the dogs. Trust me Mom, I’m every bit the good cook you are, proof is apparently stored on my hips!

Things have been so busy I even lost track of my “today I’m thankful for…” posts on Facebook. I was excited to shout out all the parts of my life I’m grateful for, but it got away from me. I even went 3 days without getting online but I got lots of likes when I wrote: “Today I am so thankful for our new maid who going to whip this house into shape, wait, I didn’t get a new maid? Never mind then!” Then I realized I hired a new maid in my sleep. In my real life that is only a dream! Yesterday I capped off my thankful posts with this: I am so very thankful for this quiet morning! Hope you all recovered from your Turkey Day festivities. I now have 32 loads of clothes to wash, but we had a great holiday weekend (nobody slapped their sister, nobody reenacted the WWF and everybody got a full belly with a smile on their face!) I even managed to make gingerbread houses with all the kids, which is no minor feat, so hello Martha Stewart, I’m ba-ack!


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  1. What do they say? Just because there is snow on the roof, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t fire in the stove! Bill may be old, but he still has some life left in him!

    And I love the clip of Marilyn. Who knows what was going on with JFK and her, but I love Marilyn.

    • I’m sure she did have JFK wrapped around her finger! I have been infatuated with Marilyn since I was about 8 years old. I wish I was the lucky person to find her red diary and unlock its many secrets, but since I’m not, I’ll have to settle for writing about how my daughter confused Bill for John and hope someone other than just me finds that entertaining! 🙂

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