Chirp, Chirp, AGH!


I’d like to say it was the chirp of a little birdie outside my window that kept me up the other night, but no, it was the ever annoying peep of a smoke detector on it’s last leg. It was driving me crazy, and after getting out of bed 4 times I still couldn’t figure out where the offender was hiding.

Right about 18 months ago, I was on a mission to make this house “up to code” by the state standards for foster care so that we could start the adoption process and the first thing on the list was smoke detectors. They had to be everywhere. In fact, we have 10 of them in our tiny little house. I can totally see the point in trying to be so safety conscious, but I’m afraid if they went off it would do our family absolutely no good. My kids are immune to noise. They make so much of it, nothing jolts them into action. I know this for fact because the other night our stove did catch on fire, flames higher than the pot. I was calmly looking for a way to put it out without ruining the dinner, when my husband stormed in, panicked, and shouted, ‘get the flour” as if I wasn’t aware of the problem. I was looking for the baking soda because I had loaned out the last of my flour, and he thought it’d be good to just throw some coffee creamer on the fire.Cartoon of a kitchen fire.

In case you were wondering, no, coffee creamer does NOT put out fires. In fact, it is somewhat flammable and seamed to spark things up.  Ironically after the fire was out, I remembered where we put the extinguisher. Of course that was after my hubby used the faucet sprayer to make the worlds biggest mess. Throughout all this commotion, fire alarms all over the house were ringing out, and 5 of our 7 children remained glued to the video game. Only after the one curios child informed the others of the fire did I see little feet scurry to the kitchen. They tuned out 10 smoked detectors on full blast alert and I can’t sleep through one that keeps letting out an occasional chirp.

Between that annoying steady chirp and a little dog who wanted to run the streets all night and a husband who seems to have a case of the grumpies, I am on my second day of no sleep. Considering that is the third detector to go out in the past week, I’m thinking it’s time to go get a pack of batteries and replace them all. Since I suck at keeping New Year’s resolutions, maybe I will make that my New Year’s habit- checking the smoke detectors- of course if I’m gonna put so much effort into keeping them all up to date, it would be nice to see the kids pay attention to that piercing noise. But that’s probably too much to hope for. I hope we don’t end up the headline that reads “Family with 10 smoke alarms was seemingly unaware of fire”…

Meanwhile, I can’t wait for Monday to roll around. This house has been filled with 10 kids most every day. It’s been fun, and we’ve had many laughs, but it’s time for them to go back to school so I can quit cooking 5 times a day and doing 19 loads of dishes a day and if I’m lucky, I might see my way to the bottom of the laundry room floor. And, it would be nice if I could manage to crank out a few of the blogs that have crossed my mind. I’ve been so busy keeping up with the kids that I can’t type out any of what I’m thinking. In fact, originally this blog had a point, but I just can’t remember what it was supposed to be.

I think my grocery bill will be the most relieved when school resumes. Last time I went to HEB, the cashier was ringing us up. My daughter realized the total had just passed $500. She looked at me with panic in her eyes and said “Mom, can we afford this?” I saw the cashier look up with a skeptical look on her face, so I just couldn’t resist. “Oh, no, I forgot my wallet!” I pretended to be horrified and just as the poor cashier who had just rung up 2 baskets of groceries was ready to shout “I QUIT!” I smiled and got out my wallet! Hey, a sense of humor is all you’ve got sometimes! But that smile faded pretty quickly as I handed over the money, nothing hurts worse than giving a weeks pay to stock the pantry, but these kids definitely can’t say they ever had to starve.  They might have to wait for Black Ops 2, but they have food!

Now, just one more weekend to get through…



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  1. The chirping smoke detectors make me crazy! We had one that was possessed – it chirped even after I put new batteries in it. I finally broke down and replaced it. Black Ops 2 can wait – and it is so easy to solve, you might as well Redbox it (this is according to my dudes!) Happy New Year to you and yours!

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