Surprise, Surprise!



So last weekend I pulled off the surprise, and I was surprised it went off the way it did! Somewhere around Christmas time my husband started to say “I’m about to turn 40, I can’t believe I’m gonna be 40.” Somehow that gave me a clue that turning 40 was a big deal for him! (Not sure how I figured that out…) So I started toying with the idea of throwing him a party.

I finally settled on a surprise party because he has surprised me many times over the years. Once he snuck in an antique coke machine when I wasn’t looking. Another time he tried to drop hints that the box under the tree was a George Foreman Grill when actually it was a much hoped for laptop. Even when I make him promise not to spend his money on me, he will make sure he knocks my socks off so I wanted to return the favor just once.surprise

I wasn’t sure I could pull together the crowd I did, but when I txtd his best man from our wedding and his favorite cousins, they were all quick to say “I’ll be there!” So in the weeks leading up to the big day, he dropped a hundred hints about wanting a party. I finally convinced him that we couldn’t afford to do one in the middle of birthday season (our family is loaded with back to back birthdays from Jan. 4th until Feb. 17) but that we would have a summer camping trip to celebrate.

Then Saturday came. Friends snuck into town. My father-in-law took him to the junkyard to find car parts. I spent the day putting together food and the plan. The husband came home thinking he was taking me on a date. In fact, we loaded up the kids and he thought we were going to drop them off at my mother’s house. As we drove towards the town she lives in, we passed a little bar a friend of his owns.

“What the *$&#*@#^? Is that Blondie’s car?” I pointed out as we passed the parking lot. We backed up to see what our daughter would be doing at a bar. He got out of the car, walked towards the building, and all of us piled out behind him. He turned to look at me, wondering why kids were unloading when one of them shouted “I have to pee!” (Good save, kiddo!)

He opened the door to the bar, and SURPRISE! He was dumbfounded. The room was filled with people who love him. His parents, my parents, friends, cousins, people from near and far all in one spot! Of course the kids only got to stay long enough to see the surprise and give everyone hugs. Blondie drove them home to a night of pizza and movies and for once, we had a grown-up kind of party!

We had so much fun that by the end of the night there was a collection of embarrassing photo’s brewing.  I’ll have to save them for the rest of our days once I get my hands on them! And a video… oh my goodness do I have a video! It would go viral if I posted it on  YouTube, but the world will have to sit in wondering because I promised not to post it. But I am gonna ensure it makes it into the family archives, because I hope my kids laugh about their father turning forty for a long long time!

Now, it’s Valentine’s Day. I wonder if there are any more surprises in store?


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  1. That’s Amazing of you! Nice job!! I almost did that when my husband turned 40, but I couldn’t seem to amass the troops required. Hey- 45 will be here soon enough….ok, not really. But this is great, and it sounds like you had a lot of fun!! Good going!

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