Driving Me Insane


Maybe you remember my post about trying to remodel this little box I live in. Going from a family of 5 that was cramped to a family of 9, well let’s just say there’s no more room in here! It’s driving me insane. For some reason, when you’re cramped, things just become a mess twice as fast. But I see change coming.

We converted the garage to bedrooms by ourselves, but we already had the roof and the foundation, so it’s wasn’t that complicated. Adding a family room meant we needed concrete, framers, and roofers! That’s a little more than my HGTV addiction can claim to have taught me, so I wasn’t sure we were going to make this remodel happen. We were supposed to get an adoption credit on our taxes this year. The money would help offset the cost of raising four extra kids, barely. However, thanks to a fiscal cliff, a crappy government, and some last minute readjustments, the credit was taken away. Now, if you Google it, you will find that technically the credit still exists, but it’s non-refundable. In other words, the credit will sit there for six years, in case I ever owe the IRS a ton of money, but I can never get it back. It will sit there as an imaginary number until it expires. Isn’t that lovely?

For once, I had money coming and I wasn’t gonna blow it on anything stupid. We had it planned to the penny, and it was going to make raising these kids easier. We were going to pay off our mortgage (which is only about $9,000, not bad for a home loan balance) and then upgrade the insulation and air conditioning in our home. This would free up some of the money we spend on paying for our home and our high cost of electricity so that we could more easily afford baseball cleats and tutus.

Then, we were going to build a new family room. The main goal is to free up enough space in our house to bring in a large dining room table. I have this crazy idea that if we could go back to all sitting in a civilized manner to have dinner together, we’d make tons of progress in mending little hearts. We have a lot of little broken hearts around here. But after we lost our adoption credit, I started to lose hope.

Every now and then God sends angels our way, and I think my angel may have come in the form of a contractor/baseball coach. He actually divided my remodel into two parts so that I could pay one piece at a time. I’m sure it was a pain in the rear end, but for some reason, he can see why we clearly need a little more room, and he has a heart. Not many contractors seem to have a heart…

When the quarters are this tight, things are forever bumped into, knocked over, piled on top of other things and even though I call this the zoo, sometimes it’s more like a three ring circus. I’ve rehung the curtains six times this year because kids run by them and rip them right out of the wall, there’s just not even room to squeeze out the back door without wreaking havoc.

But yesterday, there was a man outside taking measurements and making a list. Maybe this dream is headed for reality!



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