The Zoo’s at the Circus!


The other night the circus came to town. I have to say I teetered back and forth all day with whether or not to go. I’m thinking the school must get some kind of kick backs from the circus because every year they load the kids up on buses and take them to watch the circus being set up. That way, all the kids come home and want to go see the elephants dance!

I tried to buy the tickets online because it offered a $2 discount per ticket, but the link wasn’t working so I sent an email that said “I really needed that discount if we’re gonna go, we have seven kids we will be taking!” I got a cheerful response that said to meet Karen at the window.

elephants1Of course the kids were so wound up all day that I almost said “forget it”, but I always want to watch the elephants dance too, so I just had to go. When we got to the box office, I couldn’t have been more surprised. Karen wasn’t at the window, but after explaining why we would need the $2 discount, we were escorted to the box seats, and our children were asked to be part of the show. They did a little parade around the ring while an acrobat sang a song about the circus, it was tons of fun. The best part, we only spent $10 on enough bags of peanuts for everyone to get some! The cotton candy man headed our way, but I gave him the look that said “turn back now, before its too late!”

I texted Memaw to tell her we got to go to the circus after all, and when I told her about our box seats, she said “they’re probably watching you” and at first I didn’t realize what she meant. I had a little blonde moment of my own, but then I caught on, I was at the circus with a zoo! Whether or not I intend to put on a show, whenever I walk through the door, there’s a spectacle! Not only did I have my seven kids, but Blondie brought along her boyfriend and his friend and we also had two little girls from across the street. When they found out we were headed to the circus, they just had to come. So we had thirteen people there to see the clowns! With so many kids we were bound to have one with a complaint. Tucker must have told me nine times “at some circuses they hit their animals, are you sure they aren’t hitting the animals here?” Luckily it appeared as though Carson and Barnes were treating the animals fairly, which was good because Tucker is the kind of child who would have shut the show down if he had witnessed anything cruel.

I’m glad we had something fun to do, because the rest of the week wasn’t quite as positive. We got the terrible news that the price of lumber had increased quite a bit over the past few months, so the quote on our remodel was not longer the amount we’d have to put out for our new family room. I’m quite blessed that I have a contractor who worked so hard to get us back in budget, but we’re still shy nearly two grand, so in order to move forward we’re building the outside shell right now. In a couple of weeks, I will be desperately seeking sheet-rock to finish it off. So, if you’re sitting on a stockpile of sheet-rock or insulation you know what to do! Donate it to the Zoo!!


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