Saving Tissues!


I thought I was doing better at this letting go of Blondie business, but this week, I saw the proofs for her graduation announcements. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She really is all grown up. Her pigtails may be gone now, but that smile, well, it’s exactly the same as its always been.

Her first day of kindergarten, she wore her little checkered dress with bumblebees on it. I put little springy flowers in her hair. She was nervous, but that toothless grin didn’t show it. We were so blessed to be part of that special moment, that very first day of being a big girl.


First day of Kindergarten!

We already knew she was growing fast, but we never thought it would be the blink of an eye. I always say she is the sunshine, because she taught me how to laugh, really truly laugh.

She was so silly, it was hard to take life too seriously.


Blondie and Daddy chilling at Grandma’s House

This week, my son brought home his “four year graduation plan” and we filled it out together, and I thought to myself, oh no, he’s the next one I’ll have to let go of!

Blondie and Dyl Pickles in the Colorado Snow, 2000

Blondie and Dyl Pickles in the Colorado Snow, 2000

I love all my kids, but there was something magical that happened when these two were little. This is when we became a family- when young love turned into the long haul.

And now the years are just passing us by!

Vacation2012-Nashville 370

Blondie and Dyl Pickles at the Grand Ole Opry, 2012

Last week was the Senior Prom. And now, I’m stocking up on the tissues because graduation is around the corner.


Blondie and Daddy, before she headed for the Senior Prom

I knew I was gonna spend this year crying over the last football games and the last pep rallies, the last dance contest and the last bonfire, but even though I warned myself that it was gonna fly by, I still secretly thought we had a little more time.

Yesterday we made a list of apartments to go scope out this summer. As much as the endings make me sad, the beginnings are filled with excitement and anticipation. I can’t wait to see where her journey takes her.


Blondie at Ryan’s Day

What’s next? Well, to be honest, I think she’s Nashville bound…


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