Fast Friday – Just say renter!


I think I am gonna challenge myself to do more with my blog. I love Music Mondays and I’m trying to pick up Wordless Wednesdays so I thought I’d challenge myself to a fast Friday… I am gonna try to post something Zoo-related in 200 words or less! I know, that’s quite a feat for a motor mouth like me! But its Friday, people are just reading blogs to kill the time until the end of the day rolls around, so here goes:

fast friday

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Last weekend we tried to take the kids to the movies, and though I can’t tell that story in less than 200 words, I can say this. When I was a kid, sometimes my dad would shout “can you just be quiet, for ten minutes?!” I thought he was being a grumpy old fart, but the other day I caught myself looking at my nine year old and thinking “don’t you ever just shush?”

He doesn’t, but he comes by it honestly! His big sister never hushes either. The other day we were looking online for her first apartment and she found several posts that said “tenant pays water, tenant pays electric, tenant pays gas, etc… She was reading it all out loud and steadily getting frazzled so she said to me “who’s the tenant? Who’s paying all these utilities?”


I said “you’re the tenant!” She looked at me, all puzzled and said “what’s a tenant?”

“It’s the person renting something.”

“Why doesn’t it just say “the person renting something will pay______”

“Because, a person renting something is called a tenant!”

And this is the child I’m about to send out on her own. Good thing long distance calls don’t cost extra any more! I have a feeling she’s gonna have a few more questions…..


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  1. This is hilarious! I thought my ridiculous kid stories would run out by the time they got to apartment-searching age, but I guess not. More to look forward to!!! [Sigh…]

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