Sidewalk Chalk


I have to say- if ever there were a product of childhood that everyone could endorse, it would have to be Crayola. Crayola crayons are the best crayons, Crayola markers are the best markers, and Crayola chalk is the best belly laugh I’ve had all week!

sidewalk chalkI left to go to Wal-Mart yesterday, and for just a moment Daddy was in charge. I wasn’t at the store 5 minutes when these pictures starting rolling in on my cellphone.

chalkWhenever life gets you down, you can always count on kids to bring you back up! Their sheer silliness will chase the grumps away! They don’t know we should be worried about the ruined sheet rock in the laundry room. They just know its funny to color yourself with chalk.

chalk 3And to tell Daddy “talk to the hand!” And for that little moment when those faces are staring at me, waiting for me to laugh out loud, I too forget about the ruined sheet rock and I know, as long as I have them, everything will be ok.

chalk 6So maybe they remind me of something that should be in National Geographic, but what would this life be if we never got a little chalk on our faces?

chalk 5I think I just may have the silliest collection of children on the planet, and I thank God every day for that! It makes me think of the old Ray Stevens song, you know the one…

Everything is beautiful, in its own way!! So, with my zoo all a mess and the chaos all around, I’m just gonna thank the Lord for this beautiful disaster I call my life and I’m gonna crank up that goofy old song and go rip down so more walls. One day, this house is gonna be beautiful too!
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