Missing in Action


So I realized the other day that my blog has been MIA. It’s not because I’ve lost my love for writing, and I don’t have writer’s block, it’s just that it’s summertime and while my blog might be missing in action, I’ve been buried under the commotion!

By the third week of summer we’d been to the emergency room five times! No, that’s not an exaggeration. First it was our baby girl’s big night, Dance Recital! Grandparents were in attendance, children were shuffled into the auditorium, and we all gathered to see Kailynn twist and twirl on stage. Of course, to see her dance meant we had to sit through dozens of dances, but that’s what being a little girl is all about!


It’s pretty impressive that her five brothers would be willing to sit through a dance recital for their baby sister, but boys will be boys and by the end of the night they were getting pretty restless, so they went home with Daddy and I stayed at the recital. It wasn’t ten minutes before my husband started calling me repeatedly. I tried to be polite and silence my phone, but he just kept calling. Finally I answered and he said “Jayden broke his leg, get home!”

Surely not! I didn’t really believe it to tell the truth. My husband is famous for trying to send me into a panic with phone calls like “I lost my job” or “I wrecked the car” and it’s never true, so I brushed him off, but the phone calls kept coming until I finally grabbed my princess off the stage in the middle of the trophy ceremony and ran over to the emergency room.

That was a fiasco all in itself. The lady checking us in couldn’t find our son in the computer, but then she got offended when I looked over at her clipboard to check the spelling of the name she had jotted down. Luckily I determined that she was searching for my husband’s name instead of our child, but you would have thought I snuck a peek and the hidden files of the CIA.


Long story short, we finally got him doctored up and nixed our plans for spending the first weeks of summer poolside, all because I decided to paint a bookshelf and the monkeys decided it would be a good idea to knock it over on their brother! As if that’s not enough fun for one summer, our Blondie has struggled with e-coli in her kidneys and kidney stones. Her first time to ever really get sick, and it wasn’t pretty. Not only did the morphine make her think she had fleas, but it gave us enough stories to laugh about for the next ten years seeing her in an altered state of mind. She hated being couped up in a hospital room, and the big summer after she finished high school has been spent with IV’s and people wearing scrubs instead of dancing in clubs!

DaddyHanHospI finally thought things were settling down, but then Trenton decided to kick a rock, and it decided to bite him back. Another trip to the ER and I was starting to feel like a regular!


Add all of this chaos to the fact that our family room was finally added on, and it’s easy to see how my blog might be sitting here, neglected, and mistreated! When you’re poor like we are, remodeling means doing a whole lot of work on your own. I spend my days painting baseboards and texturing walls. I’m pretty impressed with myself, and with my oldest son, who has been my biggest help this summer… but that can be a story for another day. Today, I just wanted to check in and say “hey”. LifeWithBlondie has been MIA, because I’ve been in the middle of it all, but summer can’t last forever, can it??


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  1. WTF, y’all might as well live in the ER if that’s the case where everyone is banged up for the Summer ;).

    Good way to counter being too tied up for the Summer is to post short posts or maybe photos of Summer activities.

  2. Oh my! Take it easy, otherwise you might be the next one in line for an ER visit! Hope all becomes dull as a…I was going to say rock, but even that’s not dull around your gang! 😉

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