Good Boy!!


I’m not sure how I managed to raise such sweet sons. You would never guess how tender-hearted they are if you saw them barreling people down on the football field or beating each other up on the living room sofa, but when the dust settles and the mud is all wiped up, I am left with a handful of boys with hearts the size of Texas!

You might think I’m exaggerating, but I’m just not sure I know many boys like mine. Tonight Blondie brought over a friend. This sweet young lady is six months pregnant and having a tough time in her relationship. After hearing bits and pieces of the story, my 10-year-old called me into the other room, where he told me I needed to tell J that her boyfriend doesn’t deserve her!

I was impressed by his words, but what’s that old saying? Actions speak louder! Well, his actions made his views on being nice to girls quite clear. We were at Wal-mart when he decided to buy this girl half a gallon of ice cream. And not just any ice cream, the good stuff! Reese’s peanut butter ice cream!!  Then he got her a bag of donuts. He was shy to give them to her, but he mustered up the courage and took the bag straight to her, after telling me “mom, you can’t just let her cry like that! You have to do something.”

I explained to my little man that we can’t always fix these things, but he had a solution in mind. “Mom, do you have M’s number?” I told him “no, why do you wanna call him and tell him he’s a turd? To which Tucker said “Nope, I wanna call and tell him I’m gonna punch him in the face!”

Well, I said he was tender-hearted, I didn’t say he was mild-mannered! He’s still a Prestridge boy, after all!

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  1. Be careful mom…he’ll grow up and some witch of a girl will take serious advantage of his good nature and generous spirit…warn him of the con artists out there–they come in the female persuasion for sure!! Ask me how I know–my sweetie is all grown up and had to learn the hard way–a generous soul to a fault!

      • Same here…I would not like to see the same thing happen to your baby. I found out this one gal had started “messing” with his good nature back in high school and when he graduated college and got an awesome paying job within a few weeks, she had already dug her claws of con on him and before I knew what was happening, she had taken him for $8,000+ AND A CAR!! What killed me was that he still couldn’t SEE what she was doing to him…she wasn’t even his girlfriend but rather was living with some ex-con and was just playing him. I would NEVER want to see that happen to your baby…just remember to put out some warnings here and there; he seems like a smart young man that will listen to mom… 🙂

  2. Dunno what random links brought me here, but I have to agree, I’m one of those guys with the big heart (much abuse in my past and it’s the only antidote to hate – love)… and of course, I got taken advantage of. I’m not sure what it is in human nature that thinks when it comes to people and society, that ‘just because I can, I should take advantage’ but it’s out there and it’s in MANY (too many, anyway!) people’s minds, and in their hearts in place of a real soul. Glad it’s not everyone, and yes, make sure your son isn’t naive because that second-brain between ones legs can really take charge and make even a good man do irrational things!! I pity the women who don’t think of the ramifications beyond their own selfish egos when they do this (and the men->women too – but women support each other and train each other a lot more – sometimes making each other too cynical, which is a lot of the problem right there when a good man arrives, she can’t believe it sometimes). Anyway, peace and love. Your thoughts become actions so forget lying on the exterior – instead, tell the truth on the interior… many get this completely wrong due to egotism and loving to have power.
    Glad it’s not everyone, like I said.
    Here endeth the random sermon of encouragement. Peace.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! I do hope and pray that I raise my boys not to be naive, but to remain good hearted, the same way I hope to teach my girls to appreciate the goodness in a man and to not take advantage of that. As they get older, it gets harder to remain their biggest influence… but since I can’t keep them in a bubble forever, I guess all I can do is hope for the very best and do my very best to remember every minute I can of these years! I guess that’s why I write all of this down for the world to see, so I can keep the memories close to me! 🙂

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