Silly Rabbit! Tricks are for kids…


I always thought the only trick a rabbit could pull off was to magically appear in a top-hat worn by a master of illusion. Apparently, I was wrong. We are currently in possession of Daisy the Bunny, and she has a magic trick all her own!

It’s a good thing I didn’t get rid of her the day Blondie came home, proudly adding yet another pet to our zoo. DaisyAs cute as she was, I knew it would be only a matter of time before Blondie gave up on her bunny-love and left me to deal with making sure the poor little creature had food and water and exercise. We’ve done the bunny thing before, and it wasn’t exactly successful. Of course that bunny was kept in the back yard, not a good idea in a dog-friendly neighborhood. She “escaped” and went to live with the Easter Bunny, if you know what I mean!

Of course I was right, Daisy began her stay with Blondie, living life in the pampered lane! She got treats, her hair was combed, she was played with every day, her picture was posted on Facebook, and then a certain someone started to demand her attention back- Trixie was Blondie’s first baby, and she didn’t appreciate competing with this floppy eared creature.

hannahtrixie 038So Blondie started paying a little less attention to Ms. Daisy, and by the time she got sick and landed herself in the hospital, I was already gearing up to be the bunny-keeper. Imagine my surprise when her brother stepped in and took on bunny duty! He cared for her so well during Blondie’s hospital stay that upon her return home, Blondie passed the bunny on to Dyl Pickles and Daisy moved to a brand new room!

For weeks she was back in the lap of luxury! She was petted and played with and fed every day, until one day, she jumped on Pickles’ bed, and left a few surprises behind!

Hop FilmDon’t let Hop fool ya, those aren’t jelly beans being left behind! Trust me on that one…

So again, Daisy was in need of a home. Enter wee Willy Tucker, one of the best Zoo Keepers around here! He is the proud of owner of the world’s ugliest little dog, 2 tiny turtles, and he always chips in to care for the other pets when their people decide to go off for a day or so.


Some dogs are so ugly, they’re cute… not this one!!

A week with Tucker, and he turned Daisy into a docile little bunny that will let anyone pet her! She went to the football field and laid in his lap for hours, without ever trying to run off, and it is under Tucker’s care that Daisy’s magic was finally discovered!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL MOVIEWe have the world’s only writing bunny! Yep, this bunny is so amazing she puts her feelings on paper! As a life long writer, I’d say she’s a bunny after my own heart. Watch out Charlotte’s Web, we have Daisy’s Note, and I must say, it’s quite profound!


Never have I been so impressed with an animal in our zoo!! I wonder what she’s gonna say next….


Poor little Jordan… he had no idea he would be the subject of Daisy’s first letter!


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