Built to Last


When my husband and I first moved into our very first house, my grandpa was always checking in on me.  I think he used giving me things as an excuse to see me sometimes. My house was filled with remnants of my great-grandparents house, from the sofa and end tables to paintings and lamps. When my great-grandmother passed away he consolidated their households into one, and I got more- a new refrigerator he didn’t quite need anymore, ( or maybe he did need it but he thought my new baby needed it more) some pots and pans that were duplicates, a riding lawn mower….

Over the years many of those things have passed on to other starter homes, but a few things remain. I love my antique lamps and the paintings on the wall, but for nearly 18 years I’ve been in possession of one Sunbeam waffle iron, and never taken it out of the cabinet!

The other day my husband was craving waffles, so I went to pop in some Eggo’s and wouldn’t you  know it, the Zoo Crew had busted the toaster! OK, so it was the Wal-mart Blitz Sale special 10 years ago, and it well out-lasted the $15 I paid to buy it, but it was this retro red toaster that I really liked. It was part of a set that included a blender and a coffee pot, both of which are already in appliance heaven, so I’m surprised that toaster hung in as long as it did.

So if the toaster’s broke and the closest Waffle House is 65 miles away, what’s a girl to do?

I decided I might as well break out the waffle iron and see what it could do! I usually part with kitchen appliances I don’t use, like the curly-fry-potato-cutter I still regret getting rid of, but for some reason, the waffle iron just looked so heavy duty, I could never bare to toss it out. So today, I decided would be the moment of truth- if it didn’t work, it would have to give up its valuable spot in my kitchen cabinet!

When I first plugged it in, I was a little worried! The cord to this thing is covered in CLOTH!!

Hubby's idea of putting a layer of freezer paper on the counter sure was smart!

Hubby’s idea of putting a layer of freezer paper on the counter sure was smart!

I gotta say, I was IMPRESSED! This thing still works like a champ. After seeing that it cooks waffles better than the any waffle iron I’ve ever used, I decided to google the model number. This thing is a sought after vintage piece! It was built in the 1950s, when things were still made to last a lifetime! It weights at least 10 pounds, I’m not kidding! I was shocked to see that it sells for almost $300 in the condition mine is in… WHY has it been sitting there wasting away in the appliance cabinet?

That injustice ends today!

Cinnamon Apples and Whipped Cream, just like my grandpa used to like 'em! And served on our best china, knock-off Chinett!

Cinnamon Apples and Whipped Cream, just like my grandpa used to like ’em! And served on our best china, knock-off Chinett!

And if you’re gonna make waffles for a crew like mine, might as well pull out all the stops!

Yes, we use the Christmas plate year round...

Yes, we use the Christmas plate year round…

We had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, lil’ smokies, hash browns, and all the good stuff we shouldn’t have with some fresh squeezed orange juice (from concentrate of course)!

It was a lot of cooking to break out the waffle iron, but my plan worked- we had a gigantic meal to start the day, left overs on the counter for grabbing, and mommy wasn’t bugged for hours!!

Looks like my vintage piece will be making future appearances in Breakfast at Tiffany’s…


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  1. That’s the type of waffle iron I grew up with. My dad still has it at his beach house and the fabric cord is a bit scary! I’m smiling after reading your story 🙂

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