When the World Stopped Turning


This is an old post, but once again I am reminded of exactly where I was on that day…

Life With Blondie

I remember being exhausted! The summer had taken a lot of energy. I’d been running a daycare out of my home because the year before I had quit my job at Dell Computers to take care of my little boy myself. He’d had surgery and a string of illnesses and I couldn’t bare to leave him with anyone else. If I was at work, all I did was obsess over the baby. If I was at home, guilt ate me up about missing work. I was angry and resentful and unhappy and finally this tall slender man who had recently transferred in as my new supervisor called me in for a talk.

“When that baby is grown up, there will still be tons of corporations who need smart go-getters like you to run things. You will never be able to go back and raise your kids though, so be sure…

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This mom blogger has tackled everything from adoption, ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, conduct disorder, hives, pimples, curfew violations, and puberty to sweaty armpits, major surgeries, prom nights and letter jackets in addition to becoming a fairy godmother (aka Grandma).

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  1. The day when the U.S,m government attacked it’s own city in order to get pretext to go to war in the East. 9-11 was an elaborate hoax planned by Israel, US and Saudi Arabia. I used to think that such things were a conspiracy and far fetched until I read about the Northwoods operation in the 60’s where the US government (via the CIA and FBI) were planning to attack many sites in Washington DC area killing many to then blame it on Castro in order to invade Cuba. JFK however rejected the plan, so they killed him. This is the US’s governments modus operandi: attack their own citizens, blame it on foreign governments in order to go to war. Thus 9-11 was an inside job by the CIA, homeland, pentagon, Israel’s mossad agency, etc. Just as with president Osama/Obama planning on attacking Syria over chemical weapons which the US gave to the terrorists in Syria to use and then blame president Assad. That’s the U.S. government for you.

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