It’s been one year…


I was just staring at my Facebook page, thinking how glad I am to have my internet up and running, wondering ‘what could I post today?’ when suddenly it occurred to me, it’s our Adopt-iversary! Exactly one year ago today we stood in front of a judge and he said that we were officially a family!

Our first family vacation!

Our first family vacation!

I can’t lie, it’s not all sunshine and roses! There are moments when everyone is crying and I have no idea why or how to get even one of them to stop. There are times when the big boys are beating up the little boys just for the thrill of seeing someone try to hide under the bed. The biggest challenge has got to be pure logistics! We used to be spontaneous! We would jump in the car, pop up and visit old friends, take a spur-of-the-moment road-trip, and just spend our days with no plans!

You cannot live like that with seven kids! Every movement requires a plan and a large bag of snacks to pass out at any given moment. Some people thought I was crazy to take on such a challenge, but I’ll never forget what spoke to my heart the first night they laid down to sleep in my little house. At that time we didn’t have any bedrooms for them, and they were all still in diapers, so I made this huge pallet on the living room floor and they all laid down and closed their eyes. I must have checked on them five times that night. Around 2am, I went in to make sure every one was still covered up, and there they were…. four little babies, hands locked together, holding on to one another for dear life!

I knew at that moment that the four of them could not be separated, and I knew even more that I couldn’t let them go! I had a tiny house and not much of an income to offer, but I knew I had to do my best to make it work. I could never have pulled it off without my beautiful daughter. Yes, Daddy went to work and took on a hundred extra jobs to keep the mortgage just barely paid, but she’s the one who sat on the floor by my side and changed diapers with me. She’s the one who gave me strength when I got tired. She’s the one that brought sunshine to my darkest moments. Now that’s she’s all grown up, I can’t imagine this house without her in it, even though I know that day is coming…

Lucky for me, today is not that day! Today, I have seven beautiful kids under my roof. Today, I get to wash their clothes with a joyful heart because as mad as I get that they walk around outside with no shoes on and make little holes in their socks, I will never have more purpose than I have right now as a mother!

December2009 447

Christmas 2009

I have no idea why God chose to bless me again and again with little hearts to care for. I certainly never did anything wonderful enough to deserve to be a part of each of their lives, but I’m so thankful I am. This journey has taught me so much, especially who I can count on! I knew my parents would back me up, (they were already the grandparents of these little guys) but I was so surprised that my husband’s parents took them in just as fast as we did! They chose to be grandparents to all of them, and it’s the little things grandparents do that mean so much in the life of a child- the trip to McDonalds, the day at the park, the ice cream for doing good at school, the quarter from inside their ear–  My children have three amazing sets of grandparents that make those things happen all the time!

So maybe we go through a crazy amount of groceries and maybe we run out of shampoo every three days and maybe I will spend the next fifteen years juggling which bill to pay and which one to be behind on, but I will never take these days for granted! Happy ADOPT-IVERSARY to my not-so-little family!

Today, I know, we are blessed beyond measure! May we never forget that….


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