Fresh cookies!


The other day I picked my son up from school, and he had the biggest smile on his face! “Momma, today was my lucky day!” He was so happy, I had to ask: “Oh yeah, what made it so lucky?”

“I found two cookies on the floor!” Uh-oh, I was scared of the answer to my next question, because I knew what it was gonna be, but I asked anyway. “Did you eat them???”

“Momma, they were FRESH COOKIES!”

It made me realize life is all about perspective. If I were to see fresh cookies on the floor, I don’t think I would be filled with excitement. In fact, I know I would be storming down the hallway in search of the munchkin who is leaving cookies on the floor!

Maybe sometimes we just have to challenge ourselves to see things in a different light.

Today, I drove through Bastrop, Texas to take my kids to a football game. It’s a regular Saturday morning ritual for us, but Bastrop is about an hour and a half from where we live, so it’s a bit more of a drive than we usually make. I had forgotten that just a few years ago Bastrop was devastated by a wild fire that destroyed nearly 35,000 acres, including thousands of homes. As we got close to Bastrop, I noticed the smell of burnt leaves, and then I started to see woods that were full of burnt trees, still standing. I remember stories of burnt trees being milled to build new homes, but the last time Bastrop graced my local news, it was a picture of things returning to normal. I can tell you what I saw today was more like a picture of things stuck, struggling, slowly trying to come back together. A few houses rebuilt, but many still wiped out. The guardrails on the highway, burnt… trees, burnt… and all I had was my old cell phone to capture a few images from the side of the road, but the images in my mind continue to speak to me tonight!

tiffPhone10-2013 299

I can’t help but think about how lucky I am to have this ugly little house! It’s so filled with love and the reminders of many lives well-lived. I know you can’t really value material things, but we all do to some extent. I know how much I love the things my grandfather gave me, or the pictures of my children growing up, or the toys I saved from my own childhood. I know walls can be rebuilt, but those things can never be replaced.

Of course, in moments like those all you can do is focus on what has survived. You count your blessings that you have your family, the dog, the one or two things that could be grabbed, and you don’t let yourself count all the things lost.

tiffPhone10-2013 298

That’s where perspective is the key. Maybe Trenton is on to something, we gotta appreciate the fresh cookies, even when they were on the floor. Of course I’m not sure I could eat the cookies, but I know Blondie would!


I remember this day when she was about five years old, and she refused to share her cookies with the little girl next door. I warned her once, I warned her twice, and on the third warning, the cookies were tossed into the big trash can in the yard. A few minutes later, I went back outside to find her and the little girl next door eating the cookies together. She had obviously decided sharing was a good idea! I guess there’s nothing as refreshing as a little change in perspective!

I’m so grateful that my kids always challenge me to look at things in a new light, but I still don’t think I’d eat the cookies…

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